August 2008

I still say the greatest guitarist of all time. Yes, I’m man enough to admit my man-crush on Jimmy. I just love his work, his versatility, and his all-around stage coolness.

You had to see him a coupla times like I did to really appreciate him. Better than Clapton at moving his feet, better than Hendrix when it comes to breadth of style, better than anyone on the guitar, ever.

I loves me some genius. Happy Labor Day, everyone.

It will be a drag, but not a Katrina-like disaster, unless the levees have been repaired worse than one can imagine.

Predictions are for fools, but this whole thing has the distinct odor of Media Madness.

Unless the levees weren’t repaired properly.

Unless the pumps haven’t been vetted.

Unless something unexpected happens, which you know, could be unexpected.

McCain is going to try to take advantage, but he’s not politicizing this storm, no way, no how. FEMA is being proactive, because no one could see Katrina coming.

Led Zeppelin, anyone?

When The Levee Breaks. 1971. That’s foresight. Or at least a cool tune.

Not me. He says this is good news for Republicans, because it always is. Facetiously, for sure, but unlike usual, I think this time he’s wrong.

No Bush, no Cheney at the convention. A “depoliticized” event, in the moron American public’s mind. I say win for McCain, the hair-trigger fool one step away from blowing away France, should they make McCain mad about something like a wine boycott.

Anything that is perceived to be “good news for Republicans” somehow always magically turns out to be true.

It’s going to be interesting, this election. We’re going to find out exactly how smart the American electorate is. Personally, I’m worried.

…of the end of empire theory. To which I subscribe. While I don’t think we’re quite there yet, we’re looking into the abyss.

I guess I would say this is a pretty important election.

God gave us “reason” because He/She/It, if such a Being exists (I’m doubtful, but not dogmatic on the subject) expected us to use it. The death of reason is the death of hope and faith.

I find it amusing that nobody in the Corporate Media is even mentioning that Bush and Cheney just might be skipping the GOP Convention because, well, most people despise them.

From the Dept. of Funny Headlines: “FEMA vows to be ‘proactive this time.'” That’s great news! I mean, who could have seen Katrina coming?

Still can’t get a clue on Palin. All I’m sure of now is that she’ll energize those single-issue abortion voters, maybe get some NRA men on board, and give Senator McCain some masturbation fantasy material.

Off to spend Memorial Day Sunday with some quality family time. We’re sending a boy off to the Navy. God bless him.

Update: Ana Marie sort of does the trick, though it is in a blog post, which not so many people read.

Here’s an interesting little bit from the God Of Electoral Politics, Purveyor Of New Math, Karl Rove.

Kudos to unwilledatom at Daily Kos for this particular catch of Rove in all his wisdom.

And I agree with unwill: The Obama camp would be fools not to jam this quote up the collective ass (and Ass) that is the McCain campaign. Sure, the defense will obviously be that McCain is “thinking outside the box,” but so what. It isn’t going to fly.

It is time to go full out offense, attack, ridicule, and scorn. Scorched Earth stuff. Nooklear, to hear our prospective GOP VP nominee call it.

Fun and games and amused detachment time is over. Time to do some ratfucking as if we were professional ratfuckers, just like Rove.

In case you’re wondering what “ratfucking” means, The Editors has a handy and instructive guide. To ratfucking.

Yes, that’s right. Ratfucking. Read and learn.

Update: So if you don’t believe Rove said something so short and poor-sighted, the ever-reliable Crooks and Liars has the tape. I love C&L. Don’t believe it? How about you watch it, ya wankers.

They have a lot of games on the road in September, so a good August was key. Another nail-biter of a win today, 3-2 against a Philadelphia team that has a race of their own on their hands. The Cubs could have a 7.5 game lead after tonight if Milwaukee doesn’t win tonight. Me thinks the Brewers have to be considering the game tonight about as “must win” as you can get with 27 games left.

The Brewers have been great, 25-13 since the break. So sad that the Cubs are 27-12, a 1.5 game increase against a hot team.

I still think it will be the Cubs and Brewers in the NL final, and that worries me. The Brew Crew has two outstanding starters in Sabathia and Sheets, and the simple fact of the matter is that anything can happen in a series, including the best team not winning.

But I’m a Cubs fan, so I’m conditioned to worry. I cut my teeth as a very young kid, thanks to WGN, but it was 1969 that made it official.

7 straight is very encouraging to me, as is 9 (10?) straight series wins. But there’s a long way to go, and baseball is a funny game of inches and human mistakes and freak-show big hits and errors. I refer you to Bartman.

Update: The Brewers win, of course, adding to my somewhat minimal anxiety. But they’ve hung tough, played well, and they’re a good baseball team. Still, they are a long way out with not so long to the finish line.

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