October 2009

Yeah, it’s an hour-long Frontline, but it’s only about 50 minutes online.

People wonder why I’m so skeptical about power and authority. And especially Big Money.

New entry to the Official Beware The Man Hero list: Brooksley Born. What a wonderful human being.

Update: She’s only an entry because she didn’t make enough of a fuss for me to know who she was, since she’s The Man, too, in her own head, at least by my read. Took her private-sector money and went home, I suspect. And I pay a lot of attention. You have to stick it out and suffer to qualify win.

I did not know this to the degree I felt I could post it.

I should like this man (Senator Joe. I obviously like Steve a lot), but I don’t. I blame the system, government-wise. I think our Founders got the idea that people just can’t help it to a pretty strong degree.

Update: The Duke Cunningham thing and the Wall St. bailout pretty much sealed my cynicism deal. I don’t believe the Duke came into Congress like he left it.

Just today, I told a bunch of People of God that “they all look the same from the outside.” (I have my own personal One, so don’t presume.) So I closed the topic by saying, “To each his/her Invisible Sky Wizard!”

It was a funny conversation. This one is, too, and I really awfully a lot like this Rev., if only as friends.

…a bit of a junkie to even get this, but for this amused junkie (For politics! All right, nicotine, too.) this particular bit struck a nerve. I simply do not understand Club Membership.

I hate it when things are over-simplified, as I simultaneously try to support simplification both professionally and personally from a structural point of view. The complexity is all there because The Man needs us to be preoccupied enough with the details to the point we’re too busy to check out of the Big Picture, and not to care about what The Man is really pulling off.

Time is finite.* We just can’t ingest all the details, and The Man preys on it.

Life is complicated, except for the important stuff. I don’t think it’s a real big coincidence that most major religions by and large are on the same page when it comes to the important things in life.**

*Update: Regarding the time is finite remark, this is the space Religion Man wields His (and oh yes, it’s virtually ALL, “His”) Manhood. Religion Man tries to turn time infinite on you.

**Update 2: In principle, not behavior.

I hope that every peaceful and legal (waterboarding?) means to torture Joe Lieberman is used to harass him long after he leaves the Senate and joins AIPAC. I want scorn heaped upon him if he steps out of his cocoon to be the new normal, for Joe. I want people who lost loved ones because of their crappy or absent health care to camp out on the nearest public property near Joe’s home for if he has the stones to come out. I want him to understand some hardship.

What an incredible asshole.

The man obviously has no plans to run again. (Or principles.) I hope the Dem The Man can figure that out, which does not in any way require a PhD in poli-sci.

One of my guiding life-principles is that people by and large get what they deserve, random horror aside. So I’ve always been “OK” (I’m a single-payer guy) with the opt-out concept.

The Devil is in the details, of course. In other words, the public option in states that take it actually needs to popular, and, in Dreamyland, effective across the board. I’m not sure it needs to be cheap, nationally, though it does need to be inexpensive individually.

People like their loved ones alive, or repaired, and we don’t live in vacuums.

Update: Necessary caveat: The “death panel” nonsense really frosted my ass, because I have been personal witness to the involuntary nightmare of watching a loved one up close and personal be kept alive against their will at truly tremendous public expense. “Choice” my ass. None of us are going to win this race, folks, and it’s time more people know when to fold ’em. Most individuals I know feel exactly this way.

Courtesy Whiskey Fire, and El Gato Negro!

Nicely done.

IOZ eloquently and concisely articulates exactly how I feel about the whole climate change debate.

To me this is sort of “duh” material, but I can’t write it down so good.

From the incomparable Steve Benen. Steve has mastered the shiv-snark technique to a fabulous degree.

I do believe I’m going to spend the time trying to e-mail the link to some honchos at Fox.

Michele Bachmann is a loon. Also.

Gee. Boy. Golly. This is a funny post.

And this is really the definitive summary, as classic an example of the “Shorter” oeuvre as I’ve ever seen.

To each his/her own Invisible Sky Wizard, I say. I also say that Ben’s is kind of weird, and he needs to take another long look at his view of female anatomy. And just maybe his potential desire to perhaps go blow someone in the forest preserve.

There’s nothing wrong with that, Ben!

Update: Ben, you should really blow someone in your own place for legal reasons. No charge.

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