They have a lot of games on the road in September, so a good August was key. Another nail-biter of a win today, 3-2 against a Philadelphia team that has a race of their own on their hands. The Cubs could have a 7.5 game lead after tonight if Milwaukee doesn’t win tonight. Me thinks the Brewers have to be considering the game tonight about as “must win” as you can get with 27 games left.

The Brewers have been great, 25-13 since the break. So sad that the Cubs are 27-12, a 1.5 game increase against a hot team.

I still think it will be the Cubs and Brewers in the NL final, and that worries me. The Brew Crew has two outstanding starters in Sabathia and Sheets, and the simple fact of the matter is that anything can happen in a series, including the best team not winning.

But I’m a Cubs fan, so I’m conditioned to worry. I cut my teeth as a very young kid, thanks to WGN, but it was 1969 that made it official.

7 straight is very encouraging to me, as is 9 (10?) straight series wins. But there’s a long way to go, and baseball is a funny game of inches and human mistakes and freak-show big hits and errors. I refer you to Bartman.

Update: The Brewers win, of course, adding to my somewhat minimal anxiety. But they’ve hung tough, played well, and they’re a good baseball team. Still, they are a long way out with not so long to the finish line.