July 2006

There are at least two layers of funny to this post.  Funny-pathetic, not funny-haha.

It’s a nice “duh” to the people living in Cold War mindsets, which is The Man in general, but also a nice snide remark about why you should do more blog-reading.

…was one of the most tasteless things I have ever seen a public figure do, much less a President of the United States.  I was furious at the time, and I’m glad Atrios reminded me of the whole sordid episode.

Starting a war on false pretenses, and dooming hundreds of thousands to an early death is not the stuff of comedy.

This is why Joe Lieberman is in trouble.  People understand now, at least a little better than they used to, that this politics stuff might be important.  Joe is the President’s number one enabler…by a mile more than Chuck Hagel, Republican from Nebraska, who I think I could actually vote for against Hillary, at least. 

Anyway, when you’re safe and rich, and everyone ELSE is dying over a mistake, jokes about missing WMD are hilarious!  See Joe laugh!

Joe represents the worst of The Man.  The GOP and the truthiness of the media’s complicity in launching this disastrous Administration have pushed the country so far right (in a religious and moral way, not a real conservative way) that what is happening to Joe is the equal and opposite reaction of Newtonian science.  Others call it karma, still others say you reap what you sow.  The electorate of CT is seeking some semblance of equilibrium, of an “opposition voice.” 

One thing I know for sure, there is a balance that nature and people and maybe even God maintain, and Joe isn’t helping do it.

Read the last paragraph of this newspaper report out of Jerusalem.

It certainly raises the spectre that our current Adminstration’s answer to war is “more war.”  Double down!  C’mon, we can’t lose them all, right?

Circling the drain.

From those terrorist-lovers at the Jerusalem Post.

This would also work for Democrats nationally:

“The rich are getting richer.  How are you doing?”

“More of the world hates us than ever before.  Does that make you feel safer?”

“The incompetence must end.”

“Vote Democrat in 2006.”

you should read Billmon, who gets it more precisely than anything or anybody you’ll see on TV.

We are fucked, outside of a very unusual happenstance.

Read it and try to understand.  The world is your oyster now.  It is bogus and unpatriotic to ignore it.

But, I swear, only as friends.

The Dem establishment hasn’t figured out yet that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Pathos, hear me roar.

What a bunch of losers.  (The Democratic Party)  I’m 47.  One good thing about a retention of the GOP majority is that people will be so disgusted and disenfranchised by ’08 that the rest of my life may be undertaken under sane, semi-responsible leadership.

But by then the GOP may control all the levers of politics, which in no uncertain terms favor the fascists. 

The Man always trends toward fascism.  That’s what The Man is about.  Power. 

Incredibly, I’d never seen it start-to-finish.

What a great movie.  And what an unbelievable life these guys had.

It’s on Comcast for free this month, and it is very, very good.  Watch it.  Loud.

Reminded me a bit of the “Zappa Does Zappa” show I saw about a month ago.  Terrific.

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