…going to discuss it openly, if ever?  And by “it” I mean that the modern GOP would go the way of the Whigs were it not for their racist, homophobic, science-denying, Christianist (who deny everything from Astronomy to Zoology), forced-birth (a.k.a., “big government,” except, of course, after the babies are actually born since most of the forced birth crowd is also anti-social-services for those babies), cannot-amass-enough-personal-wealth fucksticks who make up the backbone of today’s modern GOP?  I mean, seriously, without this, oh, 27% or so, the GOP couldn’t win in fucking Mississippi.

I won’t even get into the worshipping Mammon aspects of the Ayn Rand devotees who make up the brain trust of various factions of the very fractious Republican caucus.  Your Paul Ryan’s, your Rand Paul’s, your average GOP “leader” who embraces the above list of America’s Worst Angels by denying other tribes’ rights to marry, vote, and earn a livable wage.

I look forward to the day GOP leaders are challenged on this stuff on national TV and in routine debate, because it’s awfully obvious and ridiculously closeted as a political reality.  (Thank God for the blogosphere, which brings gems like this one to light.)

I suspect this subject will be examined in more depth come the results of the 2016 elections, but by then it’s probably going to be too late for what’s left of the modern conservative movement.  The map looks bad for the GOP in 2016, and the gains they will inevitably make in 2014 are just going to bring the Crazy more into the Light.

We need two functional political parties in this country (I would prefer 3), and right now we only have one.  This is a bad thing.


Update:  Just as I post, I see this thoughtful takedown of the excrement-producing James Taranto of WSJ fame, but it’s still on a blog.  If at least one that’s widely read.