May 2007

I’ve posted in several different ways my contempt for Bill Kristol, whose hiring by TIME magazine caused me to cancel my 20-ish year subscription.  I mean, if I want to read stuff that is consistently wrong, there are plenty of right-wing blogs to go visit, or I could just watch TV and Chris Matthews obsessively sniff the Clinton panty drawer.  Or Tucker Carlson spin everything in a most disengenuous way.

But the Great Rude Pundit doubles down, and includes the Kagan Klan, a family of, as best I can tell, bed-wetting fear-whores who have been wrong about everything almost at the level of Kristol for at least 6 years and the Catholic Church over many, many centuries.

I need to add that AttaJTurk has been picking on the Kagan’s in a most beautiful way for a long time, and deserves a link (not that mine will matter much) for his consistent ridicule of a very little-known group that occupies a ridiculously large space in American discourse.  I couldn’t find a “search” feature at Rising Hegemon, which the entry “Kagan” would’ve provided several most delicious posts, but just trust me on this.

We’re fucked.

Liberal Media?  Get the fuck out of here with that weak shit.

After 4 or 5 closely personal and trusted references, I decided to bite the bullet and do it.

The consent form was a gem.  I’m paraphrasing heavily, but it basically said, “If we have to amputate a leg as a result of this surgery, you understand.”  “Blind?  That’s the chance you’re taking.”  That kind of stuff.

I had to write several of these disclaimers in my own hand.

Anyway, I’m almost a full week post-op, which by the way takes about 90 seconds per eye, is painless and discomfortless, and generally more or less amazing, and my right eye is at least 90%.

Here are the “Expectations,” verbatim:

“It is normal for vision to be blurred for at least the the first few days.  Your vision can also fluctuate for a few months.  It is expected to gradually improve over the next 4 to 6 weeks.  Complete visual recovery takes at least 3-6 months.”

So, I’m very well within “expectations.”  So, why is it that so many people I know were fine almost immediately?

My one-week post-op is tomorrow.  If they tell me I’m healing fine, and have no serious issues other than recovery time, I’ll be very satisfied.  If not, I’ll be very disappointed.

There is no question that I can already see better than I could pre-op.  No question.  Don’t need my glasses anymore.  But it isn’t perfect, or close, and that’s what MY expectations were.  Here’s hoping for the miracle that the whole process was, even pre-op.  The technology is awe-inspiring.

So that’s one patient’s review.

Update:  The one week follow up was fine.  My eyes are healthy, healed, and I can stop the Rx’s.  I need to be patient.  And since it seems to be fractionally better every day, I will be.  At least until week 6.

I thought this was very funny, clever, and yes, pithy, though I understand it was probably written in about 5 minutes.

It’s about true, though, IMHO

Many serious logicians and mathematicians of any note wound up dead from suicide or were institutionalized, because grappling with Seriously Abstract And Complex Issues will do that to you over a lifetime.  Give it a rest, Josh. 

Dear Esteemed and Respected Senator, Lawyer, Wife and Mother:

Get out of the Presidential race.  For the good of your country.

Yes, I know you think you can win, and you have the best political consultant of all time to help you do it.  I get it.  Not only that, I think you’d make a great President, and will vote for you in the general, unforseen choices notwithstanding.

It doesn’t matter.

40% of this country wouldn’t vote for you (irrationally, IMO) with a gun held to their heads.  “Pull the trigger,” they’d say.

Statistically, you are the Democratic candidate most likely to lose the general because of this very fact.

We can’t afford it.  Not after 8 years of King George.

I know you’re somewhat insulated from all this, being fabulously wealthy and having no concerns whatsoever about such trivia as gas prices and health care and stagnant wages.  Or losing elections.  In essence, losing a Presidential race will not impact your personal life one legitimate bit.  Beyond your own ego, you’ll be fine.  The rest of us will not, in any substantive way.

I wonder if you understand the impact on your electoral psyche these kinds of things would naturally have, however.  I believe strongly that you think you can do the country good, but to what extent is the aforementioned insularity from actual American life a part of this attitude?  Please introspect on this question.

I’m 48 years old.  Another GOP Administration is going to ruin the rest of my life.  Rudy, the likely nominee you’ll face since so many Americans buy the foreign policy expertise he gained by standing in the rubble of 9-11 and maintaining his composure, will take the Executive Authority President Cheney has captured for Bush and multiply it geometrically.  He’s just that kind of guy.  It’s built in.

Make a deal.  Do something.  You can still be President later.  Honest.

Just get out.  Throw your political capital Edwards’ way, and lets have a good honest discussion about the future, of which you can surely be a big part.


John O

It’s amazing just how clubby and connected all these freak-shows are.

It’s also amazing how little self-awareness and/or shame they have.

Jesus Christ.

I watched a piece of his “Countdown” interview tonight and I’d vote for him.  Perhaps not in the primary, but maybe.

The thing that got me was his discussion about “logic” and reason as a means of governing and making decisions.  Because I’m a nobody, I’ve never been able to discuss this outside my immediate circle of friends and family, but I’ve long advocated formal logic as part of the standard, formal education cirriculum, from 1st grade through H.S.  X=X. in simple terms.  In more complex terms, “If x=a, and x=b, than a=b,” and up through and beyond:

…This is the difference between a mere math factoid and a mathematical theorem.  A famous example of this difference (famous to the students of Dr. Goris, anyway) is that (1) “The sum of the series (1+3+5+7+9) = 5(squared–ed:25) is a factoid,  whereas (2) ‘For any X, the sum of the first X odd integers = X(squared)’ is a theorem, i.e., actual math.”

Dr. Goris, the only math teacher David F. could ever relate to, Wallace later informs us, was a fan of “private sector” math, as in, math that matters in the real world.

Math being the ultimate expression of formal logic, of course, along with physics, of which math is an indisposable component, and is basically why I think logic, math, physics, science, and all physical truths are actually God’s word, along with love.  If there is a God.  But that’s a different post.

We need to teach our kids, at least in our public schools, HOW to think.  WHAT to think can be taught at home.

I know which will win in the end, as these kids approach adulthood.  For most, anyway.

Perhaps this is why I’m such a big fan of D.F. Wallace, who is no slacker at all when it comes to formal logic systems.

How to think is key for the future of society.

But the main thrust here is that I think Al may understand this on some level.  LOL.

Or, Hey, Women!  Pay attention!

How many basically independent, strong, smart women are even aware of this

And here’s yet another take on how women were just completely screwed over by our Catholic-dominated, male-dominated Supreme Court.  It is embarrassing to me that most women don’t know this.  Because I think they would activate a little if they did.  Kudos, as always, to our mainstream media for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

This writer happens to be an actual lawyer.  Same topic, though.

Several months ago, around the time of the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court, I wrote these.  The second one down is the most germane to the topic at hand, but they all count.  I’m therefore a genius, or at least not a complete effing idiot.

Yes, Amanda, elections have consequences.  How can we get more single women to give a shit?

I’d help if I could, but it is a well-established fact that I scare single women to death.

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