January 2007

…so no blogging.  Got no subs.

I apologize to my 5 loyal readers.

Libby gets fingered today, the WH and VP offices look pretty darned bad in the deal (evil if not criminal), and he leads with, what else? A joke Hillary told. Then Lyn Sweet (Chicago Sun Times), after they all agreed that we were unable to read minds at this point in our psychiatric history, does precisely that by claiming that everyone in the room was thinking the same thing.  Bill!  Then she kind of went with Harwood at the end, who was arguing that it was no big deal and just a joke and had no downside at all.

It was all very strange. 

But I did get something besides drivel from the whole thing.  One of the Talking Heads reminded me that the worst single large-demographic voting bloc in terms of getting to polls is single women.   20 million sat it out in ’04, I believe.  25% of those is a HUGE swing.  Those who vote no other way than, “It’s OUR turn.”

And when Tweety played the clip of Hillary’s quote, and the audience laughed for “32 seconds,” according to our tough Hardballer, I thought, “Sure.  Every woman on the planet can think of a guy who did her wrong.”  And it was a well-delivered joke. 

In other words, I thought of Bill, too, like Lyn omnisciently explained the entire audience did, but as my mind can handle far more nuance, even sometimes multiple things at once, I also thought of every woman I’ve ever known.  Heck, some of them would point the finger at me.   My guess was that some other men were first and foremost in the minds of some of the laughers, men they perhaps were a little closer to than they were Bill Clinton.

Anyway, Christ, it sure takes a moron to think Bill Clinton is the only “evil, horrible” man Hillary has ever had to deal with. 

Journalism at its finest, I tell you.  A classic Watergate moment in journalism.

At least Matthews ran talk with Shuster very rationally disseminating the slow, fun disintegration of the Libby defense second.

Well, it appears as though the definitive anti-Media Man website will soon be launched, where you can get a view for yourselves about what the “Straight Talk Express” is all about.  Hint:  It isn’t straight talk.

Hat tip to just about everyone in the blogosphere I visit regularly.

You might want to add this to your browser favorites if you’re considering voting for the guy.  You shouldn’t be, unless you’re voting for hyper-conservative political opportunism.   Watch the video.  3 minutes.

I guess Hillary is the only candidate to whom our fabulous opinion leaders can attach that political opportunist narrative.

Marty Peretz is Editor of the Highly Influential (you have to be high to believe him) New Republic magazine.  He’s very “well qualified” to tell us what to believe.

He is therefore a Serious Person.  One to be reckoned with.  A national opinion leader.

Jesus, please save us.

Dear Senator McCain:

I once believed in you.



Thank you, Atrios, Dr. Duncan.  Well said.

War is good for “news.”

You’re quite welcome.  You are brilliant and should be paid lots and lots of dough as a result.  Bringing you any happiness at all is priceless to me.

So, anyway, I have interesting news for Digbyphiles, as I’ve never figured out his/her gender.  (I’m a ZZZ-list blogger.)

Now I have a clue.  A very small but significant one.

Digby is beautiful, regardless of gender, and I hereby invite him/her to stay at my extremely modest but well-equipped little suburban town-home for YKos 2007, one hour from the convention, presuming he/she is coming.  Rides, meals, undivided attention.

Almost airfare.  We can talk.  Life is short.  Not too many chances to interact with Greatness. 

I have room for 5-6 semi-comfortably, if one considers a soft spot on the floor comfy, and one is not felinaphobic.  Or allergic to cats. 

Those that do best convincing me to take them will win the no-charge-or-obligation prize.  From someone who respects you ridiculously seriously on the basis of screen-words only. 

My days off at work are taken, and I know a bit about Chicago, my kind of town.

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