February 2007

…at least at some point in the not-too-distant-past, ladies and gentleman, Jay CARNEY!!!!!

For God’s sake I once failed to recognize him as a Power Whore.  Jesus, who couldn’t find normal reasons to resign in all the background politics!  After all, everyone knows that all resignations are very single minded!  I speak of the rather large number of U.S. Attorneys being *ahem* asked or coincidentally resigning in the midst of probes over institutionalized corruption.

Anyway, Jay takes care of that on his own, sort of confirming for me that he isn’t a complete crack-level whore.  Read between Jay’s lines, and then take a look at Josh’s posts.

Read, link, and judge for yourself.

Update:  Whoa.  Sorry about that first paragraph or two.  If you can’t understand them, it isn’t your fault.   I’m tired, and completely, clinically depressed.  It will pass, but in the meantime I may post some truly incoherent stuff.

But after more business travel on Friday I’m sure I’ll have it totally together!

Update:  Goddamn Teh Internet Tubes are fast.  Check out the good Dr.’s post 1 minute after mine.

All right, it is for sure inside-blogging stuff, but you may in fact have heard of some of the fucking morons the good folks at SN! tend to razz.

Damn, this one was funny.  But I’m the worst combination of all now:  An “inside ZCVII-list” blogger.  Meaning I get the joke, but none of my 10 readers will.

Greenfield: Ridge endorses McCain, but will anyone care?”


What kind of moron question is that?

I finally worked up the spine to watch it. 

Horror.  Obscene.  Gut-wrenching.  Terrifying to those of us who fly.

Bureaucracy in action, and bureaucracy inaction.  It is…life.  And death.  Most people trying to do the best they can with the information they have.

Ground level people, of course, “getting it” first.  Too much information, too fast, to do anything smart with.

(Sound familiar, big-business employees?)

Some things about this movie were very, very striking.  The skepticism about a “high-jacking,” period.  It had been many years since there was one.  The inability to get through to the top.  The rank and file telling their superiors (who did quite well on balance, because they trusted their “inferiors”) how bad it smelled early on.

Though it is clearly fiction, it is well established that the filmmaker’s did their best to recreate the real deal.  It isn’t all that difficult to imagine these filmmakers didn’t get the essence of it maybe 70%, 75% right.  They had a lot of real-live actual tape to work with.

There is no fucking way I’m letting a dude with a knife kill me on his/her terms.  No.  Fucking.  Way.  And I include, “Give me your wallet.”  God knows I hope I’m never put in that position.  I’ll probably get killed by a guy with a knife.  But in my imaginary world, no way does a knife alone do the trick, especially if there are others on the line.  Goddamn I hope.  I hope I’m a real man.  Anyone who tells you they can be sure is a moron.

Watch it.  Imagine if it was you.  Something not too different happened to real, good, honest, normal people on that flight from Hell.  Many of whom likely voted for George W. in 2000.

God and America bless those people. 

Now those are fucking heroes.  Lots of ’em.  I am sick and tired of Dick Cheney and all his goddamn chickenhawk brethren considered heroes.  Sick, and FUCKING tired. 

Mr. 5-Vietnam deferments ought to shut his pie-hole.

It is so bad it is near boring me. 

He makes me feel good when I’m down, or sometimes he makes me feel worse when I’m down.  Right now, it’s a bit more of the latter.

Laura Bush, chain-smoker, smart and kind and decent woman, has to be coming to the realization she married a complete freaking idiot, and can’t do anything about it except self-medicate.  Which cigarettes are a form of.  You can’t smoke in most places even if you’re an Average Joe.  I personally use it to get away from the inanity, and sometimes meet another smoker who is, in this modern world, almost always aware of their social status of “moron.”  Which most of us in the reality-based community admit is true.  Weird people, us smokers.  Lost, at least once in a while.  And clearly addicts.

And I’ll bet 10% of my monthly income against Tiger Woods’ that Laura Bush is taking either/all a prescription beta-blocker, tranquilizer, anti-depressant, sleeping pill, or you name it psychologically-speaking, along with anything a normal woman of her age is taking for physical issues.  Your thyroid, BP, hormonal type of med, in the latter’s case.

It is SO weird to watch the country circle the drain while simultaneously listening to my friends’ and colleagues’ profound ignorance of some very basic facts at hand.

I confess, I’m a Hardball junkie, though Chris himself has done his best to get me to change the channel.

One of the topics that makes me do so rather quickly is when he gets on the subject of the Clinton marriage.  Here’s a nice little rundown of how obsessed he is with it.

Shorter:  Chris is pissed off he doesn’t have the situation to get away with Bill’s activity.

I’m telling you as a regular viewer.  Matthews simply cannot get enough of stuff that doesn’t matter to us in any substantive way when it comes to the Clinton’s.  He really should be embarrassed, but he’s making too much bank to care.

If the Senate confirms him.  It must have been pretty uncomfortable for him to answer questions from John Kerry in the confirmation hearings after giving $50,000 (“I give money to anyone who asks!”) to the liars and human shits who defamed Senator Kerry for his service in Vietnam.  Particularly since he personally thinks John Kerry is a “hero,” despite arguably swinging the election against him.

Read this miserable Senate testimony, complete with actual quotes, on political cronyism in action.  Sad, pathetic, horrid…as usual, words just don’t do the obscenity justice.

It’s because they hired this guy to opine for them.  Which wouldn’t generally be a problem for me, except that he’s proven himself  to be wrong so consistently, and he loves war, war, and more war.  He strikes me as a little bit pathological.

So, here’s to the power of the marketplace.

Seymour Hersh’s latest article in The New Yorker is a little piece of fear in the large fear pie most Americans are, in my opinion, too hopeful and trusting to believe exists.

Attack Iran?  Even THIS Administration isn’t THAT stupid.  More of your tax dollars at work.

Update:  A much more thoughtful and expansive take on the situation.  I’m having trouble thinking any of it matters anymore; that the die is cast, and we are going to live the next several decades watching the decline of our own country on TV.

Media Man knows no boundaries when it comes to smear jobs.  Here’s one on poor M. Romney, and it is illustrative of why he can’t or won’t be elected President.  Tribalism runs too deep. 

Not too many Mormons in the Mainstream Media, I’m guessing.

Welcome to fake scandals, Republican edition.

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