February 2010

They really should try to get in better shape.

Obviously, I’m getting in the mood for the big hockey game. But just watching the skiers makes me wince in empathetic pain, and at the Olympic level it is an amazing thing to appreciate from a sheer physical condition standpoint. You just don’t see a lot of large or small muscle groups getting a pass.

Update: Kudos to the Canadiens, kudos to the Americans (they had their chances) and kudos to Miller. The game of hockey, played tough and skillfully, is a wonder to watch. Especially if you’ve ever tried to play it.

And, for the permanent archives, I would like to go on record as saying these were the best actual physical medals I can remember seeing, winter or summer: Large, simple, elegant, and handsome. They’re beautiful.

Too tired to live or care. Great day in the John O household. He actually manages to look ugly in this picture, uncovered junk and all, but really he is quite handsome.

Rag Doll City

And a duh.

Gaffney, as I’ve noted before, is an instant channel-changer guest for me. Bat shit nuts. That he is taken seriously is a national embarrassment.

Watching other people genuinely laugh. It’s also sort of heartwarming. Don’t you remember your inappropriate group giggle fits as some of the finest moments of your life?

So I got a big kick out of watching Colbert bust L. Vonn’s gut.

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Update: My uncontrollable giggle fits always felt like God to me. Completely and happily out of control. In the moment, as it were.

I love this stuff truly. Maybe because it’s the essence of resolution through conflict, which I believe is how things work in general.

I suppose I’m doing all right and that’s that, but the power Corporate Man has over us, including our health care, is a frightening thing indeed.

I’m right with DougJ on this one. The Wall St. behavior and success sealed the deal for me.


I think they're fond of each other

Edging closer:

Well within smell range

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