October 2006

You heard it here first!  The Michael J. Fox fuss has caused deep thought about this issue for me.

As reported by those liberal communists at the CDC, a.k.a. the Center for Disease Control, a government organization, roughly 15.5% of pregnancies result in miscarriages.  If you figure 10,000,000 women get knocked up every year on purpose or not,  you have some 1.5 MILLION of what I like to call, “God’s abortions” happening each and every year!  Stem cell gold!  And I think 10,000,000 is conservative!  We’re a 300,000,000 strong country!  Are you going to argue that only .3% of the population of this country gets pregnant every year?

(That’s 3 out of every thousand for you Republicans out there.) 

I scoff.

What say we pass a law that orders these poor women to get to a clinic or health facility upon the first sign of trouble, or at least use some Tupperware, to preserve these fetuses that God has determined are unworthy of life?

That should solve the stem cell debate.  Only miscarried fetuses allowed, since that was God’s intent.

Problem solved.  *tipping hat, accepting applause graciously*

You’re welcome.

Check this out.  Mike Stark is famous for calling wingnut radio shows and making them squirm, by posting the audio on our beloved internet.

He got attacked, physically, by Senator George Allen’s people today, for daring to ask a question of the candidate in a public forum in the state in which he lives.  God bless America.

You can watch the video and read Mike’s letter here.  By the way, Mike is an ex-Marine and current law student.  You know how liberal those Marines are.  And he’s a proud member of the “fever swamp” that is the blogosphere, if you listen to the Talking Heads describe us.

Yes, the new media is upon us.  Join up. 

The great Kerry gaffe of 2006.  (Though one wonders how the man has been elected so many times.  Keep you day job, John.  Comedy is not your thing.)

As Kerry so rightly put it, anyone who thinks he meant to disparage the troops is a moron.  The problem is, we have a lot of them, and the mainstream media will do their best to stir up some ratings (read: money) with this latest dust-up.

Don’t let Media Man fool you.  Go out and read the transcripts.

And we shall never forget perhaps my favorite Bushism, which Atta J. reminds us of here.

I think Billmon and I must have been separated at birth, and he got all the writing skills.

Most of us love hearing our own voices eloquently expressed.

…but only as friends.  Once again, Billmon gets it right, this time under attack from the left.

Fuck you, left.  But a giant fuck you to the right who run this country, and the media who report on it.

Save it, if you are so inclined.

More importantly, man a phone bank, put up a yard sign, or convince someone you know on the other side to sit it out or change their vote.

Do something.  It’s important.

My Great Uncle.  A wonderful scientist, and wonderful human being.

Here is his obit.  Everyone you know with a hearing problem owes my Great Uncle “Coke,” (still don’t know how he got the nickname) a little something.  And he loved children and animals and his wife, kids, and grandkids.  A great storyteller, a great intellect, and a great person.  God bless him.

Here’s his Google search.

He was the husband of my maternal grandmother’s sister.  My maternal grandmother was everything golden under the sun.  Plants and birds and people universally loved her.  She was a Saint.  She had nothing bad to say about anyone, ever, and I lived with her for many years and loved her very, very much. 

So is my Great Aunt Lorraine, and so was Dr. G. Moushegian.  If only all of us were like them.

I haven’t heard ONE, not one, state the simple truth:

“We’ve been placed by President Bush into a lose-lose situation.”

“He didn’t get it, at least as well as most of you did after you found out there were no WMD and Saddam and his sons were gone.”

“And he has held no one accountable.”

Not rocket science, in terms of political ads.

Personally I think bigger issues are going to drive the election next week.

But The Rude Pundit weighs in on Lynn Cheney’s appearance this weekend on the Wolf Talking Head Show, during which she questioned CNN’s and Wolf’s own patriotism.  We know Dick is a good provider, but Lynn is making think that at least one point in their lives, he was a “good provider.”  *winkwink*

And the NJ Supreme Court didn’t even care what we called it, they said, “Call it whatever you want.”  To the legislature.  They just pointed out that denying human beings the rights everyone else had was unconstitutional under their law.

She’s a very bad person.  Smart, but bad.  She had better hope there is no Jesus, I say.

…as a safeguard against what our politicians are doing to us.

Billmon has two great posts up on this, so I don’t have to bother.  Read them and think about them.



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