I know my loyal dozens miss me, but I’ve been completely floored by events professional, personal, and political.

So I’ve been trying to channel my blogging energy, such as it is, into grassroots persuasion. It hasn’t gone well.

Some great links to feed your need:

The great Heywood J on the conservative movement in general.

Atrios sees a good idea in action.

John Cole on the difference between socialism and capitalist nirvana.

Digby being Digby. Beware The Man.

Kos on the GOP’s ongoing fact-challenged based world view.

Kos again, on earmark reality.

Steve Benen and Greg Sargent ask a few questions of the leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, thrice married, ex-drug addict, sex-trade Viagra-packing champion of the family values party. His ultimate answer isn’t very coherent. So I hope he’s still off the hillbilly heroin.

Matt Yglesias with a simple view of the stimulus proposal, and a nice post about how it all fits together, which any moron should be able to see.

Structural change, which I believe is sorely needed, doesn’t come easy. If things get bad enough, I expect violence and horror. That’s usually how big change comes. Thank FSM for living in the U.S., where at least our odds are a little better at avoiding it.

I firmly believe things are going to be horrid for at least two years, for all of us little people. So, I can accept that, on the condition I have a shiny new economy at the end of the tunnel. Supertrains, accessible health care even without a job, the world’s leading exporter of green energy technology, modernized schools, roads I don’t have to slalom past potholes a la your average world-class Alpine skier, bridges that don’t collapse on me, broadband everywhere I go, et al. I’ll take the pain for the gain.

I’m just not sure the Limbaugh party will let it happen.

Just. Shut. Up.

You had it all, and we were willing to go along with it as long as we could keep our heads above water. Hell, we were criminally negligent about it in some respects. We elected George W. Bush twice.

But enough is enough.

I’ve touched on this before, but there is little in the whole wide world that grates more than being lectured by failures, or at least not superiors, on the topic at hand.

I was “only” down 13% last year. That makes me a helluva lot better than most, including Mr. and Mrs. Friedman, and let’s just say I didn’t get compensated a dime for my good judgment. Nor am I asking for help, so far, from you, Tommy Boy.

Suck. On. That.

Update: Publius says it better.

…are in full bloom.

These instincts are the fundamental reasons behind my opposition to the bailout. (And I can’t begin to describe to you how weird it is to be siding with the GOP House, and trust me, it raises a lot of questions in my own mind about my own opinion.)

I just plain don’t believe our institutions of power, and the last 8 years, to put it delicately, haven’t exactly restored a whole lot of faith in those institutions.

If someone came forward with a bill that put $700B of even borrowed money into health care, infrastructure, and alternate energy investment, and challenged the electorate to choose that or the bailout of Wall St., I don’t think it would be close.

I believe both Obama and McCain when they say things will go horribly bad if a bailout isn’t passed, but I think they have to consider what they’ll be faced with from a political and economic perspective should either win, and that softens my valuation of their attitudes and stated opinions.

The problem is, I don’t care anymore. Let it burn. Invest the money somewhere else. The markets may just take care of themselves, long-term, if said money is invested in stuff that actually impacts more people more directly.

I grew up poor, was poor until my late 20’s, and was fabulously happy during the vast majority of that time. I think I can do it again.

I’m also strangely imbued with a personality trait that allows me to accept a good deal of pain if the payoff is that my pain-inflictors will suffer more if I can hang tough.

Call the bluff.

Monkeyfister’s open letter to Obama pretty much sums up a good deal of what I feel. Right on, is all I have to say.

Update: I’m turning into a stupid, semi-literate IOZ. He gets it better than all of us. I become more and more convinced. I hope we’re both wrong.

Update: And here it is, the explanation of my complete lack of faith, done all smartly and shit by Hunter at DKos.

Wow. The hits just keep pouring out of the candidate McCain didn’t bother to vet, so now is being vetted by the media and the blogosphere.

Her car wash business was shut down by Alaska’s division of corporate business and professional licensing.

The McCain camp said she was thoroughly vetted. Everyone else with an informed opinion doesn’t think so.

She was a sports reporter at one time, so is familiar with the idea of “running out the clock,” like with respect to the investigation she’s under for clearly inappropriate, though just as clearly SOP, political influencing.

The father of the Palin grandchild turns out to be a mature, intelligent, educated young man of superior values. I hope someone told him he’s got a wedding planned. And a kid coming. This could be funny to watch play out, but sadly I’m assuming he’ll do what he’s told. Doesn’t seem to have the stones to do otherwise. (Still, there’s hope: He’s a teenager.)

Here she is quoted with a reasonable and rational support of oil drilling, and the Iraq war. A thoughtful, strong woman indeed.

At least we know she’ll respect the “balance of powers” thing allegedly written into our Constitution.

I say the odds of her making it the distance are about 1-3. If she was a man, she’d have already been laughed off the national stage.

We are living in some awfully strange times. There is no way anyone will predict how this turns out with any confidence in my mind until Nov. 5.

Wow. Just, wow.

It was funny to me because I watched the interview not 15 minutes ago, and all I could say was, “Wow. That was inept, and kind of embarrassing.”

And BINGO! The glories of the blogosphere and all: John Cole posts the video, so everyone can see it.

I’m not sure this Palin pick is going to wear well at this point. McCain had better hope the moderate independents are paying absolutely ZERO attention right now, all evidence to the contrary.

I’ll put the odds of Palin not making it to November as the VP candidate at 35-65, but only because McCain will be too stubborn and embarrassed to replace her.

Oh, and Karl Rove is a genius. At least when it comes to getting 51%.

Update: It appears that this interview so angered the calm, rational, measured Senator McCain that he canceled an interview with that flaming liberal, Wolf Blitzer.

Here’s an interesting little bit from the God Of Electoral Politics, Purveyor Of New Math, Karl Rove.

Kudos to unwilledatom at Daily Kos for this particular catch of Rove in all his wisdom.

And I agree with unwill: The Obama camp would be fools not to jam this quote up the collective ass (and Ass) that is the McCain campaign. Sure, the defense will obviously be that McCain is “thinking outside the box,” but so what. It isn’t going to fly.

It is time to go full out offense, attack, ridicule, and scorn. Scorched Earth stuff. Nooklear, to hear our prospective GOP VP nominee call it.

Fun and games and amused detachment time is over. Time to do some ratfucking as if we were professional ratfuckers, just like Rove.

In case you’re wondering what “ratfucking” means, The Editors has a handy and instructive guide. To ratfucking.

Yes, that’s right. Ratfucking. Read and learn.

Update: So if you don’t believe Rove said something so short and poor-sighted, the ever-reliable Crooks and Liars has the tape. I love C&L. Don’t believe it? How about you watch it, ya wankers.

With no expectations, she could surprise, but she had better do her homework before debating Biden presuming some foreign policy questions come up.

I don’t know what to make of it, honestly, but I sure do wonder about what happens if she gets the keys to WH. (Obvious caveat: I don’t wish any physical problems on McCain.) McCain will be the oldest guy we ever elected, though, and that’s every bit as factual as his two bouts with melanoma, a notoriously no-nonsense form of cancer.

It’s a good thing Senator McCain has such excellent health care. But I digress.

This was a home run swing, and who knows? Like everyone else, all I know is she’s a rock solid anti-abortionist, Pat Buchanan fan. I suppose this motivates the base.

I just have a hard time wrapping my arms around it, and maybe that’s just what the McCain campaign wanted. Where do the votes come from, though?

One wonders if the Media-created PUMA thing got a bit too far into media-centric McCain’s head.

I don’t know, but we’ll soon find out. There isn’t a lot of time left for any of them.

Update: Andrew Sullivan, who on first glance (isn’t that true for everyone?) likes her, but at the same time points out some interesting stuff to fill in some of the blanks.

He’s got some other informational posts up, too.

Update 2: The truly brilliant Jesse Taylor has more.

Update 3: smintheus at DKos has more fascinating detail. I don’t think it matters much, but we have to round out the profile on this woman, after all. McCain certainly didn’t do it.

Update 4: My man the genius The Editors has more. I’m sure happy Mrs. Palin’s story is coming out so quickly. We wouldn’t want to elect a #2 without knowing something about her.

Update 5: Boy oh boy, it sure is hard to keep up with all this breaking narrative and vetting. Nothing going on here folks, move along.

Noting that this doesn’t have anything to with jack-all-shit, since the corruption bar has been set so low by BushCorp., and we all do our families some favors, but the McCain camp just may have wanted to take a closer look.

Update 6: Even though I consider this post neither good nor bad, neither negative nor positive, it represents the beauty of the blogosphere. You don’t have to get your information from the gasbags you used to get it from. You can find someone who has dealt with people, even famous people, personal and up close.

Update 7: The hits just keep on comin’. More from some actual Alaskans. But for God’s sake, what would these people know compared to, say, Joe Scarborough or Luke Russert, or Andrea Mitchell?

Update 8: How am I to keep up? Sadly, No! points out the wondrous and spectacular intellectual consistency of the right-wing blowhard moron constituency represented by Hugh Hewitt, who it is alleged has a law degree. Meaning he’s a “smart” wingnut.

Update 9: Yes, the politics are good. But shouldn’t we worry about the “governance” part for a few years?