July 2012

I hope Romney wins. Tent cities on the Mall in DC, among other places, just might be enough to snap this country back to some semblance of sanity.

If Romney loses, the inevitable will simply be delayed. I’m no historian, but I know enough to see the symptoms of the death of an Empire.

Money is all that matters in this country. It is our State Religion. And Money always wins.

The Dems are only marginally less guilty. But the modern GOP has gone completely off the rails.

It’s not if, it’s when. I’m 53, unemployed and essentially unemployable for a variety of reasons, with a little tiny bit of money saved, and I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life. But it’s becoming increasingly clear to me I don’t want to be a part of the “American Dream” anymore.

It’s all going to go very bad. For me, I wish it came sooner. That would allow me to retain some hope.

It’s a good thing we have a “well regulated militia.”

As usual, two-time Bush voter John Cole summarizes perfectly.

If anyone should know better it’s me, because I just plain don’t trust Power, but I thought Joe Paterno was a good, decent man. And maybe he was overall, but hiding a pedophile makes me want to smack people around, and perhaps force objects up their asses against their will.

All those great football teams and all anyone remembers is hiding a pedophilia scam.

It’s hard not to want to buy mythology. See, “Christ, J.”

Daily reads, and they should be for everyone.

Radley Balko and crew at the wonderfully articulate libertarian website, The Agitator.

Balloon Juice, my personal favorite, overseen by a two-time Bush voter, John Cole, who seems to be some sort of long-lost psychological twin of mine.

Andrew Sullivan, a conservative of my grandfather’s mold, a gay yet weirdly devout Catholic, possibly due to his upper-crust, highly authoritarian snobbish and British background, who regardless does a great job of honest analysis and sometimes heartfelt rebuttal. One of the best and smartest blogs on the net.

For you econ junkies, I highly recommend Atrios, a PhD in Econ and short-form blogger of even West Wing fame. He makes macro economics pretty easy to understand.

There are others, but if you read those every day you’ll be marginally smarter than you were before you did.

Just ask the Mormons!

I’m trying to think what the Freeh report reminds me of…thinking, thinking…can’t come up with it right now.

FSM bless my parents for raising a kid to mistrust authority. ┬áThere isn’t one major institution anyone can name that I can’t point to horrors in.

Beware The Man.

Women of means will always have access to safe abortion, regardless of what the law says, and women without means will have an (unsafe) abortion anyway if they feel strongly enough about it. So it is, has been, and will always be.

The war on women is a little bit misnamed. It should be called the war on poor women.

Anyone who thinks the Republican Party as an institution gives a shit about poor people is a moron. There just isn’t much to debate about it anymore.