March 2012

Congress members face new curbs on insider trading.”

Way to go, Congress!

Rick Santorum is so naive he doesn’t think religious nuts love their porn.

And guess which state is numero uno?

I don’t understand conservatives very well. Or good.

Courtesy Sullivan.

We are very tribal creatures.

This sort of thing makes me laugh, only because it would drive me crazy if I didn’t find some humor in abject stupidity and ignorance.

You have a right to your own opinion, but not your own facts:

The correct answer to this question is that the tax burden on middle-class Americans has decreased during Obama’s presidency. More than one-third of the 2009 stimulus bill consisted of tax cuts, including expanded tax credits for workers, people with children, college students, homebuyers, and the unemployed. In 2010, Obama proposed and Congress accepted a substantial temporary reduction in the payroll tax, which was recently extended through 2012. Meanwhile, the Bush-era income tax cuts were also extended through 2012. While one might quibble about whether all of this amounts to decreasing the tax burden on middle-class Americans by “a little” or “a lot,” only 20% of the public gave either of those answers.

As with perceptions of unemployment, perceptions of how the tax burden has changed during Obama’s years in office have significant political ramifications. Among “pure” independents (those who do not lean toward either party), Obama’s job approval rating was 52% among those who recognized that the tax burden had decreased, but only 35% among those who thought it was unchanged—and only 17% among those who (wrongly) thought it had increased.

In other words, in the unlikely event you’re a reasonable person AND Republican, if you know what you’re talking about, your opinion changes.

I liked it. I like portraits of sociopaths. I could see how some thought it was overdone, but I thought it was queerly touching. Poignant, even. Quirky weirdness in terms of feel and point.

Not the greatest movie ever or anything, just unjustifiably panned IMO.

Basically can be summed up with one graph.