September 2008

…should be forced to succeed, while residents who voted sanely get a financial package to relocate.

I mean, c’mon. I don’t care about party, since I usually vote 3rd.

Not this time.

Only a real moron would vote GOP this year. And those who self-identify as morons should be offered JesusLand, NoTaxLand, or whatever they want to call it.

Let the demographics decide.

And I’m one of those strange Chicagoans who wants both the White Sox and the Cubs to do us proud, every year.

Now, that being said, my dream season is a Cubs-White Sox World Series in which it goes 7 games, and the Cubs win the 7th by 10, or by a home run by the pitcher in the 9th from the Cubs.

So I’m watching the Sox game, it’s 0-0 in the bottom of the 7th, thus a true great nail-biter.

Go, White Sox! A World Series between the Cubs and W.Sox increases our odds of a 2016 Olympics at least a little.

I loves me some pitching duels. Great game. Sphincters tightening all over the place, including among multi-million dollar athletes.


Update! Thome hits one a mile into the center field bleachers! I loved the man even when he was a foreigner, baseball-wise. He plays the game like it should be played.

Update 2: Sox win, 1-0. Great game. Let the apocalypse begin.

…are in full bloom.

These instincts are the fundamental reasons behind my opposition to the bailout. (And I can’t begin to describe to you how weird it is to be siding with the GOP House, and trust me, it raises a lot of questions in my own mind about my own opinion.)

I just plain don’t believe our institutions of power, and the last 8 years, to put it delicately, haven’t exactly restored a whole lot of faith in those institutions.

If someone came forward with a bill that put $700B of even borrowed money into health care, infrastructure, and alternate energy investment, and challenged the electorate to choose that or the bailout of Wall St., I don’t think it would be close.

I believe both Obama and McCain when they say things will go horribly bad if a bailout isn’t passed, but I think they have to consider what they’ll be faced with from a political and economic perspective should either win, and that softens my valuation of their attitudes and stated opinions.

The problem is, I don’t care anymore. Let it burn. Invest the money somewhere else. The markets may just take care of themselves, long-term, if said money is invested in stuff that actually impacts more people more directly.

I grew up poor, was poor until my late 20’s, and was fabulously happy during the vast majority of that time. I think I can do it again.

I’m also strangely imbued with a personality trait that allows me to accept a good deal of pain if the payoff is that my pain-inflictors will suffer more if I can hang tough.

Call the bluff.

Monkeyfister’s open letter to Obama pretty much sums up a good deal of what I feel. Right on, is all I have to say.

Update: I’m turning into a stupid, semi-literate IOZ. He gets it better than all of us. I become more and more convinced. I hope we’re both wrong.

Update: And here it is, the explanation of my complete lack of faith, done all smartly and shit by Hunter at DKos.

…says everyone is wondering what the markets will do tomorrow. On Countdown.

What. A. Moron.

The markets will go down until they get their zillion-dollar Christmas present from the taxpayers, a.k.a., you and me.


Update: Not necessarily tomorrow, since Wall St. will want to throw the taxpayers a bone, but until something is passed, count on more losses.

Caveat: I’m not a professional economist nor financial advisor. But no less than two years ago, I encouraged my family to put their money in their mattresses, on the very simple principle that he had ruined everything he’d ever touched, even before he was President. They’re all marveling at my -8% this year, even after today.

Calling me “right” and such shit.

It isn’t satisfying.

I’m watching a ton of really rich people on TV telling me how I “should” bail out Wall St., because the alternative is worse.

Well, fuck you. I’ll be the judge of that. And yes, everyone, Wall St. is going to keep selling like they’re holding a literal gun to the heads of our idiocracy, and I say call the bluff.

Fuck them. Things won’t get fixed fast, and they won’t get fixed right, until things go all the way down the shitter.

I wish I had some organizational capacity, because a silent walk down the main street of any one of my local wealthy suburbs with tiki torches and pitchforks in hand, by a thousand or so, would be good damn TV.

Update: I’m in full support of the Brad Act.

I didn’t notice McCain’s lack of eye contact, being sort of a substance guy and thinking McCain is a huge dick, at least since I started paying serious attention to him, in specific terms, but it seems to have genuinely caught on.

Along the same lines, I thought Gore’s sighs were appropriate, debating such a complete fucking moron (conclusive with the benefit of hindsight), nor did I notice Bush the Better checking his watch.

And I watched them all. I suppose this kind of thing just isn’t the way I judge POTUS material.

When people don’t make eye contact with me, it is pretty easy to conclude one or more of several things: They know I’m right, they’re embarrassed about what they’re saying, or they’re contemptuous and condescending towards me. Obviously, all three possibilities in some combination are in play at the same time.

(OT: How embarrasing.)

My main problem with Obama, all along since the primaries, is that he thinks he can reason with the modern version of the GOP, and this moment, while maudlinly written, was one I didn’t notice either.

Classy, which Obama may be, but has no choice in any case. Angry Negro is his death knell. The particular moment pointed out in the link above tells me a little something about Barack, mostly that he really isn’t angry.

I’ve met him in an intimate, lengthy setting, and he’s a serious, polite, engaging dude. Most famous (to me) moment. Obama: “John, who are you?” Me: (choking for the first and worst time in my life, having a million things to hassle Obama about, this was 2003) said, “I’m nobody.” And he very politely laughed and disagreed.

I just don’t know. In my heart of hearts, I can’t accept Obama losing this thing, especially given Sarah’s “performance” with Katie Couric, against a guy who admits he doesn’t use the internet (how can someone understand the world we live in without being familiar with the internet?), and loves him some war and bellicosity and “rolling the dice” like a riverboat gambler, which when you have his money and media cred, is not hard to understand, but still scares the shit out of me.

One hopes for generational change. If the youngsters wake up from their hangovers and vote in large numbers, we may be OK, though Obama (or McCain) will have inherited such a clusterfuck of problems that getting through 4 years with any level of popularity will be a minor miracle.

Old people like me could help, too, with some concern for their children and grandchildren. But there is too much time left, Media Man needs a close race, and any weird thing that happens could be a game-changer. Like, “Biden was mean to Palin.” In my paradigm, Biden should rip Palin a new asshole, but that would be all belligerent and sexist in Big Media’s narrative. The woman is a fucking moron.

I tend to look at things in big picture, long term terms. I don’t see us climbing out of the hole Bush has dug for us. The only thing I cling to is someone cushioning the blow for the other 30 years, if I’m lucky, left in my life.

I had to put a beloved pet down last week, my favorite writer of the last 10 years hung himself, I see nothing but financial difficulties, including unemployment after 25 years of steady, I see no safety net, I see nothing but pain for my beloved nieces and nephews. I see horror.

I see the world reminded of truly bad times.

Forgive my babble.

This made me laugh pretty hard.

McCain is really going to want to fire him now, even though he can’t.

Republicans will still love McCain, Dems will still love Obama.

Me, I’ll vote 3rd party or for Obama. I can’t stand the bailout plan. To the extent anyone in either party has explained it, which is not much.

This debate won’t matter much. On we go.

And, please let it end.

Your Republican voting bloc, personified.

Hilarious. Have I ever mentioned how much I love The Editors?

Holy shit, is all I have to say.

Even though no one will read my brilliant analysis, I’ll be watching it anyway, even though McCain could come out and tell me his wife has personally promised to bail us out from our alleged financial crisis with her personal fortune and I still wouldn’t vote for him after watching the Couric/Palin interview.

Pre-debate prediction: McCain wins. Not because he actually does, but because the race is spreading, and Media Man needs a close one. Reason? Money.

I’ve decided to watch it on CNN, because they not only have some real live morons wired for instant reaction, they have some real live voter morons wired, too.

7:45. Cocktail #1 is locked and loaded.

Expectations are bad for Obama. They’re high. I’m also watching CNN because they tell me every 5 minutes they’re the best fucking team on TV.

I like Jim Lehrer, for the record.

Instant economy question! Way to go, Jim!

Obama comes out swinging.

McCain comes with the bi-partisan stuff. Hard to believe anyone would buy it anymore given his voting record, but it will probably work.

Nice job, Jim: “Let’s get back to our question.”

Obama does OK. McCain does OK, so far. Brings up Normandy, a sure winner with the youngsters.

Accountability? Puhleeasssse.

Now comes the fun: One on one.

Obama goes first: What’s good for Wall St. is good for Main St. Good joke by McCain.

Every candidate agrees! Main St. rules!

“Our best days are ahead of us.” Good thing we’ve never heard that one before.

“Get spending under control,” McCain says, as we’re about to blow $700B on a bailout for rich dudes.

Earmarks. Yawn.

Uh, John, $932M is NOT a lot of dollars.

Lifelong Ms. Congeniality. Yawn.

Tax policies, continuation of Bush’s policies. Interesting. 2nd highest corporate tax cut in the world. McCain wants to cut them. Who knows?

Republicans are loving the tax cuts! Who would’ve guessed?

57% of American Corporations pay 0 tax according to the GAO. Why isn’t Obama mentioning this?

To me, McCain wins solidly on the tax code simplification issue.

Lie! McCain lies! Obama’s $42 income tax increase is a sham of a canard of a wanker.

Gloria Borger has not issued a point yet. She must be very non-partisan.

“Cut spending!” says McCain! Obama is the most liberal voter ever! Borger casts a vote. Way to go, Gloria.

Bill Bennett thinks McCain is winning! Who woulda thunk it?

Paul Begala thinks Obama is winning! Who woulda thunk it?

Hard to watch on CNN, I have to say. Can’t keep my eyes of the scoreboard.

Fuck this. McCain wins, even though all scorecards disagree.

I have to concentrate.

Update: Look! John King is perfectly fair and balanced! Begala and Brazille thought Obama won! Bennett thought he lost! Castellanos was unworthy!

Waste. Of. Time. Think, Sarah Palin.

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