Not me. He says this is good news for Republicans, because it always is. Facetiously, for sure, but unlike usual, I think this time he’s wrong.

No Bush, no Cheney at the convention. A “depoliticized” event, in the moron American public’s mind. I say win for McCain, the hair-trigger fool one step away from blowing away France, should they make McCain mad about something like a wine boycott.

Anything that is perceived to be “good news for Republicans” somehow always magically turns out to be true.

It’s going to be interesting, this election. We’re going to find out exactly how smart the American electorate is. Personally, I’m worried.

Photo Edition:

We Get It.

We get it. Or we would if we were informed. Or cared. But thanks, anyway.

Just to offer more Funny Headline kudos, the third one is a beauty, too.

an honest conservative, and a dishonest, or at least painfully un-self aware conservative. Or fake intellectual or something.

To read several more war cheerleaders, since Slate thought it would be a good idea to get all the people we still have to listen to share their insights on how stupid they were, while still claiming nobody’s listening to the them anymore and that is horrible, go to the link below, the compendium.

They’re very good-hearted, after all. They were so smart that considering how women would do post-Saddam never really crossed their minds in any balanced, rational way. How could you blame them? Women are a small part of any sensible demographic.

Priorities, you know. You’d think Andrew would get that one right, at least.

It goes with Atrios’ Wanker of the Day, as said Wanker A-M is part of what John Cole at Balloon Juice is parodying.

The compendium of right to center-right apologies for all the…ya know, dead bodies and instability and all, is here.

It’s an All-Star Game of arrogant stupid; yet another demonstration of how once you’re declared “serious” by The Man, often by being on the Great Tube of Learning frequently, you can never be declared an idiot again.

Update: Jim Henley imagines what he would say if anyone asked how anybody got the outcome of the war in Iraq so right-on.

Keep in mind this is ONLY for 2007.

Since Congress nor our “watchdog” press seems at all interested in shoving this Administration’s profound pathos down the American public’s collective neck, I’m just going to have to wait for the historians, I guess.

I’m not sure which is sadder, the legal arguments or the need to wait for history to reveal the revulsion.

H/T to people all over the blogosphere.  I think the last reference I saw was at Crooks and Liars, a true work of arty blogness.