June 2008

The Wes Clark episode, predicted in advance by dday over at Digby’s place, is one more example of why I’m not a Democrat. I don’t like weakness.

dday follows it up with a nice, polite, “I told you so” post.

For those just joining in, you can watch the video causing all the noise for yourself. Basically all Clark said was, “I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be President.” Which by any rational standards is objectively true. To accept otherwise would be to say anyone who was ever a POW is Presidential material.

Reaction ranges from incredulous to absurd.

John Cole is incredulous about Andrew Sullivan’s absurdity, if you want a quick overview.

Joe Klein, laughingly predictably, joins in on the side of the Village Idiots, the Washington Corporate insiders who pay Joe. It’s a veritable Roman orgy of circular fellatio. Joe has never met a Corporate narrative he couldn’t parrot.

It is SO depressing. All of it. But especially the Corporate Media’s almost bloodthirsty reaction when the realization hit them they could boost their own ratings for the day. You know what? This normally rapt viewer of political shows is going to skip it tonight.

And as for Obama’s response? Weak and lame. He lost my financial support by his willingness to give Telecom Man immunity from vast Constitutional violations, and now he “rejects” Clark’s comment.

What Obama should have said was very, very simple: “I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Are we trying to say that everyone who was ever a POW is qualified to be President? Or are you just trying to make a fight out of nothing disrespectful or false in the slightest?”

As Atrios says, it’s just all so predictable.

It’s also a bit infuriating.

Update: John Cole has a theory I think is a good one.

I can’t stop fixating on this. Somehow, it encapsulates everything wrong with this country all at once. And it precisely encapsulates what is wrong with our professional media.

Update: Perhaps even better, Obama could have said, “Did you watch the whole tape? You can do it easily. Judge for yourself. Next question.”

Read. The. Links.

Follow. Their. Links.

Be smart about the most important vote you’re going to cast, unless and until McCain wins.

It may be too late by then, but hope springs eternal, not unlike my hope there is WiFi at the golf place.

Go. Into the Light.

I love this guy. Swift, not Russert.

Vicious and funny and smart and goddamn poetic, if I may.

I liked Russert. He actually came across as giving a shit from time to time, but even our Beatified Timmy just could not look himself in the mirror hard enough to understand the life and money and fame influences that inevitably fall upon any human finding any combination of the three.

I know I’m in the minority now, but I don’t think Nixon, Reagan, OR Russert was a Saint. I think they were human beings. As evidence, I present my observation, anecdotal certainly, that everyone I’ve ever met is a human being.

All that being said, our current Administration makes even Nixon look like a Saint, so I can’t let go completely of my belief in monsters. Which obviously has to keep Saints in play.

Nutty, that.

Why, I did not know that!

Fascinating, indeed. I haven’t validated it yet, because it doesn’t really matter in fact, but it matters one hell of a LOT in principle.

Just as an aside, regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on gun ownership today, we outlawed jarts in 1988. I don’t have a real dog in this particular fight; being sort of a Bill of Rights purist, I tend to interpret it liberally. But how about we start applying the same sense to the 4th?

That must be different.

Further proof that you don’t have to be a genius to be on the Supreme Court.

(For the record, I couldn’t verify that Revere sodomized Ross with a few quick Google searches (or Revere’s dick). But why would that surprise anyone if it was true? It isn’t exactly like we invented sodomy. And what difference would it make anyway? Most of us want to sodomize someone from time to time, for an infinite variety of reasons, and most of us also don’t want it publicized, provided it was consensual.)

See, our Founding Fathers took a good look at history, and they were beyond qualified to do so, and figured it out: So they came up with an idea that can be easily distilled: Beware The Man.

One thing you can count on among Presidential aspirants: They just hate that whole idea of having power.

It’s just a bad evaluation of human nature and history to even consider otherwise, and it is why I hold the Bill of Rights, and its authors sacred. Interesting that it only took a little over 200 years, a historical nanosecond, for us to give it all up. One little step at a time.

Beware The Man part zillion.

…though not my support.

How can politicians constantly support rules for the rich and powerful that are different from the ones the rest of us have to live under?

Oh, that’s right.

Beware The Man.

My new campaign slogan: “Obama. Well, he’s better than McCain!”

Hope my ass.

Update: Buy one now!

…usually in the context of some sort of physical challenge, as in when I’m golfing, or nailing an NBA-3, it goes wrong. The very act of calling it changes the whole dynamic of the thing you want someone to watch.

Thank FSM, this doesn’t happen every time, as in once in a while I nail the putt or the basketball bomb, which is why I have so much love for this post. Every now and then I get it right. I have to say that calling your shot is a lot easier and more predictable in politics, relying on someone else, than it is in physical activity, counting only on one’s self.

Kudos in order for J. cole. This was a good call.

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