August 2006

Follow the links.  The first one is from fucking Goldman-Sachs, hardly a liberal outfit.

Even middle class people have lost earning power, while the corporations account for more dough than our government has ever had a percentage of.

It just is so weird and disconcerting that the Ruling Class, a.k.a., The Man, can’t seem to get this, since they continue to whine about the “great economy” we’re in vs. the poll numbers about said economy.  Earth to Politicians:  Your friends do not equal “the economy.”

It sure is going to be interesting to see if/how we get out of this plane crash that I like to call, “The Bush Administration.”

…and forgot to post it.  So, so pathetically sad.  Embarrassing, really.

Cardboard cutouts of your soldier parents.  To make you feel better.

I’m not kidding, and neither is The General.

The United States of America, Circling the Drain.

I present to you the Great Digby.

Wow.  Thought he was a six-footer at least.  The power of TV microcosmically revealed.

I wonder how much that explains, given his Chickenhawk status.  We all know the Napolean syndrome is real, because we’ve all seen it in action.  Don’t be stupid and think it doesn’t apply to everyone, potentially.

I heard it tonight on the news.  So it has to be true.  LOL.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see all the left blogosphere, all the Dem incumbents, and all others with a left-leaning (not me; I’m a “too much power” leaner) bent using fear to their advantage?

Suggested sound-bite:  “We disagree with just about everything this Administration has done.  But we respect the opinions of our political opponents.  Vote Republican this fall, so that the Democratic party cannot be held accountable for whatever happens until our next election.”

I say it’s a huge winner.

THAT will scare folks.  And make no mistake about it, fear works.

It’s really hard to keep up with.

Your incumbent, noose-hanging, KKK CCC member R-VA and potential Presidential candidate, George Allen.

What the heck is this guy doing on TV?  (He was arguing for the Dems tonight on Hardball)  The man is 0-8.

This is the opposition party?

It’s like calling in Bill O’Lielly to refute truth.

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