July 2009

Dedicated to my anonymous old pal…Frank, I think. Ex-to-current birfer.

Thers should go pro, since things are so weird.

With sincere apologies to Thers The Great, Stewart had it best. But Jon S. charges a little more fucking money than Thers for the laughs. As it were, in a manner of speaking.

My favorite part is the birth announcement in the local paper. Fantastic fascist Muslim socialism-take-over-plotting, no question. Why aren’t Barry’s parents getting more props? That birth announcement in the local paper when nobody cared was government-takeover genius.

Deal with it.

Thanks, IOZ.

Concise and obvious.

Based on the less blog reading I’m doing, it’s a good call. The Stoopid is now out of hand.

Too depressing to bother.

If not a gay Muslim fascist communist abortionist terrorist non-American citizen painfully centrist and imperialistic militaristic Democrat.

I dunno, I found the whole thing sort of hard to argue with.

It gets better as it goes on.

Update: I mean, at the end there where the President says, “And God bless the United States of America” you can tell he doesn’t mean it. *eye-roll*

The wonderful Hilzoy is apparently calling it quits.

I cannot tell you how good she is. Never profane, obviously brilliant, objective, and immensely articulate. I suspect there are few people who blog, and quite a few who don’t, that don’t check in with Hilzoy on any given issue for a pure crystallization of what I, at least, was often thinking, only much more clearly put than my skills allow.

It’s weird when it hits you how badly you’ll miss someone you’ve never met.

Update: I’m not going to be alone.

All the best, H.

I had no idea who V. Part is, except that I recognize her name from some of the posts on James Wolcott’s VF blog.

She’s a ballet dancer, as it turns out (sorry, Mr. W., I stop reading when you get to the arts, generally speaking) and since I’m out here in fly-over country, and was raised in pretty rural quarters, ballet holds slightly less interest to me than soccer. (Sarah Palin and the GOP make me confused about my Ameri-uality. Always figured I qualified.)

I appreciate the art and skill in both, very much in fact, but neither captures my heart.

So, because of this post, I wandered over and watched the charming and lovely Veronika Part on the Letterman show, and I can see why Mr. Wolcott is (hilariously, self-awarely, artistically) smitten. Veronika was quite charming, indeed, and it was fun to watch Dave sense the need for a gentle touch.

Just a lovely little blog post. I’m now a V. Part fan.

…made it all too complicated to deal with for a sane person trying to keep their family fed, on purpose, but yes, this “politics” stuff actually tends to matter quite a bit.

Good Atriosan post by John (? Certainly not me.) filling in for Dr. B.

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