September 2007

A match made in heaven.

Big thanks to Susie at Suburban Guerrilla.

I’ve seen Zappa does Zappa, son Dweezil’s tribute to Dad twice now, and I can say without hesitation they were two of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Frank is hugely misunderstood and underappreciated.

After today, one has to say that it is anyone’s ballgame to win or lose.  One heck of a lot of frontrunners got their asses handed to them today.

I hope the rankings voters really shake things up.  There isn’t much consensus after this weekend about who’s The Man.  I would lean towards FL, but as I type, Auburn has them tied at FL in the 4th Q.

Go, Auburn.  Lets have a truly interesting BCS series this year.

Update:  Auburn (unranked) whomps the Gators in the Swamp.  Gotta be a USC-LSU dual for the next several weeks, though USC escaped with very tight sphincters today.

Most excellent, all around.

I’d never seen it, but heard it was good.  It is.

I found it touchingly real, funny, and more about real life than most TV shows.  Folks trying to get by.  There’s hardly anyone I know that thinks MJ law is in the same universe as sanity, even among those who don’t bother with it.  Everyone I know knows someone who has, allegedly, fallen down into the evil trap of gateway-hell.  However, everyone I know has also not fallen into the evil-hell.  Mostly they just laughed and ate, and remember their experiences fondly.  That’s me, too.

Plus, I love M. L. Parker.  And the family she buys the weed from is hilarious and oddly ethical.

It rates a Season 2 check.

…in the primary is Elizabeth. 

It’s not the main one, but it sure shows me a little bit of what he’s all about.  They’ve lost a kid, she’s dead sooner than expected, and he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  And I don’t find it hard at all to figure out why he loves his wife.

She is my idea of a fantastic woman.  I think she is beautiful, smart, strong, courageous, and nice.

There are four general realms of human existence.  Physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual.  Everything else is a subset.

Seems to me Elizabeth Edwards covers all the ground with pretty solid numbers.  And it takes a very smart dude with good vision to be her man.

I saw Bonnie live from a really good seat about 10 years ago.  She was charming, personal, funny, friendly, and fantastic.

The night I saw her she did this one with Lyle Lovett.  This one isn’t that one, but it is a very nice version.  It’s one helluva song.  It’ a better song with a guy, but still.

Awww, gee, I see the Mets coughed up yet another one, and have seriously endangered their previously assumed playoff hopes.

And what do you know!  The Cubs ARE IN!

Fuck you, 1969!  My life is salvaged!  Vengeance is mine, goddamit!

First of all, I have to say to the good folks at LGM that I feel your pain.

That being said, too bad.

Baseball is a wonderful and strange game because it is obvious and well known among serious baseball fans that any given 3 games don’t matter.  It’s a lot like flipping a coin in that respect.  You have rookies playing for losing teams who are hungry, unknown to the opposing pitcher, and fighting for a spot in The Show.  You have rookie pitchers in the same boat; nobody has seen their stuff, and once in a while, they mow down a whole bunch of batters in a row.

You have clutch flair hits, incredible rare errors, barely hit balls that hit the chalk, swinging bunts impossible to get an out on, and ridiculously good performances by until now unknowns.

It makes the whole thing a lot of fun.

Go Cubs.  Magic number down to 1, and if the Padres can squeeze one out against the Brewers tonight, the Cubs can rest everyone and get their pitching staff in order for the luck-dominated freak show that is playoff baseball.

What fun.

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