June 2006

are corrupt.

This election will be a moratorium on American sanity and education.

He finally gets some luvin’ from the Mighty Kos

I’ve met and spoken with Dan a few times, and he’d be a great Congressman, in my judgement.  Problem is, I’m not sure he’s mean enough for the job in today’s political environment.  The man is just exceptionally decent, educated, gracious and polite, which are great traits in human beings, but makes you harder to elect here in Rove’s World.

To me, this race is really the bellweather of how bad it could be for the GOP this fall.  Incumbent opponent Mark Kirk, while sporting a 90% voting rate with Delay and Bush, has successfully branded himself a “moderate” conservative, even though he just voted against medical marijuana for dying people.  But the District voted for Kerry in 2004, and there’s no shortage of disgust with George Bush among the people I talk to, who are very largely conservative w/r/t political philosophy.

I have some suggestions for the Seals campaign in this District:  Billboards along Rte. 41, which runs pretty much through the entire District, that read:  “Vote Your Country in November, Not Your Party.  It’s Really Important This Time.”

No more, no less.  No “Seals for Congress” stuff.  It’s an educated and sensible slice of IL.  They’ll figure it out.

Hopefully, I’ll be donating money and time to this one, too. 

with some excellent political strategy for the Dems this summer, which they’ll no doubt ignore.

Remember, the R.P. is not for the faint of heart.

It, too, is sort of related to the Democratic Party’s insistence on being so weak-shit.

…was how the Mighty Wulitzer (the Republican media machine) managed to, with a straight face no less, make a decorated combat veteran the pussy while simultaneously turning a man of at least “questionable” military service into a tough guy who would save us all from the Brown Menace. 

It was just plain weird, and led in great part to my now total lack of respect for the American electorate, though Kerry ran a crappy campaign.  I think he thought like I did:  Isn’t it obvious who the man of greater physical courage is? 

Nope.  To the righty wingnuts, the surface of an issue is as far as they get.  What TV tells them must be true.  Especially when it comes from Hannity or Rush or O’Lielly.

Sadly, No! chimes in on how Democrats should treat this stuff.  And they’re always funny, too.

The entire post is worth a read, because it reveals the right wing’s fundamental hypocrisy on the whole matter of “judicial activism,” but the money quote comes from one James Madison, who had more than his share of smart things to say about just about everything.

One thing the FF’s knew, understood on a very deep level, and tried to guard against, was how The Man unfettered tends to act.  This comes right out of the majority/plurality ruling:

The Federalist No. 47, p. 324 (J. Cooke ed. 1961)(J. Madison)(“The accumulation of all powers legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands…may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny…”)”

Gee, ya think?

And Jim Webb, trying to unseat the current Republican Senator of Virginia, George Allen, is clearly going to be one of them.

A good take here from the Howler, whose main point is that the media is going to be shocked if the Dems actually put up their dukes, and another good one from Kos.

In a loosely related note, in the recent Court decision that questioned the legality of our King’s actions at Gitmo, Clarence Thomas weighs in with his dissent, revealing himself to by YET ANOTHER Republican Chicenhawk

Christ, do they have anyone in charge who has served?  Look, I’m not saying military service is the be-all, end-all for qualifications for office, it’s just that you should really refrain from commenting on the “understanding of war” towards and about those who have actually seen some combat.  When you haven’t.  It makes you look, well, stupid and ignorant.

At least you should refrain if you have a shred of personal dignity and integrity. 

Scalia must’ve been too bored by Clarence’s dissent to get far enough into it to edit it.

For anyone who has ever worked in a large bureaucracy, it isn’t hard to imagine the pain and fear this man must’ve gone through to provide Osama Bin Laden’s driver a chance at a fair trial, which the right-leaning Supreme Court agreed the driver should get this week.

No point in trying to put it better than this.  The guy IS an American Hero, and we’re running short of them inside the walls of power.  My hat is off to the man.  I wish there were more like him.

At least for me.  I’m so worn out by the thought that the Dems, a party I’m not a member of and believe are made up largely of better-intended idiots, could fail to regain a House of Congress that it is hard to get out of bed.  Good thing I’m on vacation from work for two weeks.

Me, I just want The Man reigned in from time to time, and never in my life has that wish been stronger.

It’s frightening, what George Bush has done to our country.  And the fear of a “golden age” filled with financial anxiety (including getting sick, which is inevitable), an inability to express myself as I see fit, and a world peeing in our face is wearing me out.

Not such a yawner.

Most Americans obliviously go through their daily lives believing that their government does NOT in any way really reflect their needs and hopes (flag burning?), and we get this pathetic voting rate we’ve had for decades as a result being the ultimate practical outcome of this sentiment.

These disenfranchised citizens will start paying attention sooner or later, but it will be too late by the time they do.  It always is…this is how and why The Man thrives.  I conclude it must be some essential element of human nature to avoid “an ounce of prevention” when “a ton of cure” comes in the form of unmitigated rage and upheaval.

I don’t know why, exactly, but you have to scroll down a bit to read Glenn’s great posts.

Who cares about his Viagra?  Certainly not me.  But in addition to the questions surrounding the legality considering Rush’s probationary status, there are larger issues at stake.  My take, written after his “original” problem, is here.

The Rude Pundit’s take on his current problem is much more funny.

Seriously, though, given the Dominican Republic’s well-documented sex-trade, often involving underaged humans, who was the Viagra for?  Will Rush tell us?

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