May 2010

There is an entire demographic of people who don’t even watch Michael Moore movies because it makes them intellectually, emotionally, morally and spiritually uncomfortable. And none of them will admit it, legitimate beefs with Moore’s style notwithstanding.

Also, too, there appears to be some kind of rule in Corporate America that a corporation must constantly provide Dilbert material.

Just this.

…everyone these cops know plus themselves to get Alzheimer’s (starting…NOW!) and eaten by wild animals. Because they wandered off while they were still 70% coherent.

After handling a side of meat. In famine conditions for the critters. If it’s bears, just before hibernating.

Just not sure enough about Hell.

…who is probably American takes a stab, as it were, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and their teabagging ilk pray to God (read: Call their PR and legal people) the guy doesn’t have a library of their “work” in his house.

As they probably should. People with brains will start to figure it out.