June 2010

I just saw a toilet paper commercial (I think it was Charmin) whose catch phrase was something along the lines of, “Leave fewer pieces behind.”

I presume they were talking about toilet paper, but it was close to 50-50 in my head whether or not they were talking about pieces of shit.


A good mid to long range bet, if you believe Corporate America runs the whole show and Beware The Man, is buying a bunch of BP stock.

It’s hard to figure that BP won’t somehow come out smelling like a rose to me. They own some hot commodity: Congresspeople.

Too bad it would make me feel dirty.

From old media to new media. The Man resists, and water is wet.

Big stuff in the blogosphere today. But it has wider ramifications. If my personal opinions, cherry-picked, were published for all to see, it might be a pretty funny and biting collection, but that collection would not necessarily be appreciated by all. And if my livelihood was threatened by it, well, that would be a revenge-worthy offense, indeed.

Context. Shorter: Washington Post employee hired to cover the new Right gets forced out because someone leaked his private e-mail.

More context.

Kudos to Andrew for picking out the consensus on this one among sane people. By all accounts, the guy did a good job.

And why it’s really the only TV news show one need bother with. 100% non-partisan, and a beautiful display of how the GOP has, in the end, won the debate.

People tend to blame coaches and Presidents a lot. Just never themselves, because the minute one of these guys proposes it, huge numbers of the country say simultaneously, “I want it, but we can’t afford it, and we can’t raise taxes to pay for it,” and fail to see any irony or “penny wise, pound foolish” in it all. All the while POURING money into the pockets of those ripping [you] off, truly paying the proverbial landscaping nut on some 3rd homes with the political idiocy.

Wars, however, are “necessary.” We could have hardwired and supertransed and bought near-personal MRI machines for the entire country with what we blew in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We should be the world leader in Supertrains (a long time ago), we should never build a public building without wind/solar on the property, we should rebuild our power grid, information grid, bridges and sewers; these are simply several of those problems the fabled and deified “free market” God cannot solve.

So, a big FU to those getting in the way, you fucking assholes.

Update. The bit by Stewart deserves viral status, it’s so good. So pass it along.

Update 2: Edited for moronitude and bad English.

Update 3: Strength doesn’t come from having the biggest military dick to swing around indiscriminately, it comes from within. Which for some reason most people get on a personal level.

I appreciate it, I really do. I understand and am in awe of the skill and dedication it takes to reach that level of sport.

But after watching just pieces of today’s two thrilling ties, the second one 0-0, love just ain’t ever going to happen for me.