October 2010

And that is all, so there.


SW of Denver

The Idiocracy is upon us.

And I have this brilliant idea on how the Pentagon could save .000001% of their budget.

Thanks to Andrew, though he is pissing me off royally these days. It gives him a sadz that there is talk of raising taxes on the wealthy, because us rabble don’t acknowledge “most” of them got rich through their own hard work, as if they wouldn’t still be wealthy with the tax increases being bandied about, and as if the rich weren’t the ones who fucked things up for the rest of us in the first place. Cough up, Andrew.

Andrew was a big cheerleader of Iraq 2. And what a fine expenditure of resources that turned out to be. (He has since apologized and admitted in spades he was wrong, which is why I keep reading the poor rich gay Catholic tortured thoughtful soul. That, and posts like the one linked above.)

He’s good for my mental health. I gotta know other people get it.

Here, and here.

The Andrew Sullivan/James Joyner vs. DougJ and John Cole debate (linked above) strikes me as very important to discuss at this particular point in our history. And at least Joyner and Cole/DougJ take comments.

We need to reduce defense by about 25%, raise taxes on the rich, means test safety net programs, dramatically invest in infrastructure and alternate energy, and soon, or we are going to be sniffing China’s ass for the next 200 years, or until they get as stupid as we did, whichever comes first. And has any ex-#1 EVER reclaimed their status in the realm of geopolitics?

I don’t recall one. But I’m not an intellectual.

Strength comes from within.

My almost 3-year old Mac had a bad “N” key, so I took it in for a look-see.

They said they would order the part, maybe they’d have it by tomorrow (Tuesday) and that it would take 5-7 days to fix, but that I would get a whole new keyboard out of it.

Now, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to take more than a couple hours to replace an entire keyboard, but I sucked it up emotionally and figured out a way to get by without my computer for a week.

They called tonight and said to bring it in now, and an hour later it was fixed. And, like new tires on your car, you don’t really understand a shitty keyboard until you have a new one.

Why can’t car dealers/servicers do this? It’s not rocket science. Promise low, deliver high. I’ll deal with it if you tell me it is going to take a month or two, honest. Just don’t give me a date-certain and miss it.

MBA not required.

They’re not even pretending anymore. (Hat tip to the wonderful John Cole.)

Adding that, you know, it would be nice if your average voter was getting this information through Village sources.

People wonder sometimes about my semi-cataclysmic view on the American future. But all we are as a country right now is a bunch of rich people in the media and government and big business (especially Big Defense) colluding to collect vast sums of even more wealth, while we bomb the snot out of primitive tribal people as far away in the world as there is for us, at spectacular expense in the comically misguided hope we can stop the Great War on Terror, which is fought by the other side at least a little by rage and revenge. I say, “not coincidence.”

So, I play squirrel as best I can.