August 2010

I know, I know.

Random Updates and Shorter Movie Review:

Off on holiday to parts beautiful and west. With the kind of pal I can talk to, his dog, and mine. Can’t wait.

The Messenger is a very good movie. Say what you want, Woody Harrelson typically knocks my dick in the dirt, and I think the movie is beautifully acted all around. Real life is often slow.

Bored with politics except as entertainment, voting Green for IL Gov; we’re history for at least the next 10 years. Ugly bad history. The current incarnation of the GOP, The Neanderthal Party, will win back the House, and propose more war, tax cuts for their constituency of wealthy white assholes, and less regulation of oil companies, banks and the like. What’s the point and all.

Bad news: I could lose my job any minute. Good news: I’m probably in the top 10% of Americans in terms of general preparation for same. Other bad news: I got jack-all squat for the long run. At the age of 51+, I’m gonna need a new job or career.

Unbelievably (literally) bad news: I’m probably in the top 10% of Americans in terms of job loss readiness, and I’ve never outspent my means, “did everything right” blah blah…

Why would anyone not vote Green at this point? At least right this minute, I’ve thrown in the towel. I see it as the only thing left to fight The Man.

There will also be guns and lots of National Parkland on my vacation, but no live critters should be harmed in the production of these memories, obvious self-defense situations and Darwin Awards notwithstanding.

I could see why people would think The Messenger was ponderous. I enjoyed it, though.

(Sometimes I wonder what Netflix’s “returned intact and properly” ratio is. I know it isn’t 100. But I don’t want to know bad enough to try to find it on the internets.)

One of my vacation partners, updated:

Almost 9 months old.

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…the ACLU will be taking a position that it is OK for cops to break down doors without a warrant or cause if anyone’s feelings get hurt if they don’t.

And another venerable institution cracks.

Tip o the hat to Duncan.

You really have to hand it to the GOP. Sincere kudos.

They have convinced America (or at least all the rich people who run America) that just because these very same The Man who creates the mess can in no way be accountable for it.

This is non-partisan.

I say the cycle is unstoppable, and the only way to issue corrections to it is when, after screwing us royally economically for X years until things blow up, the rich get the snot taxed out of them when it happens. For Christ’s sake, none of them are hurting, NY Times series on the poor folks moving down to 5000 sq. ft. notwithstanding.

The Man is largely wealthy. The Man created the problem we all have now. The Man should be happily coughing up, nervously laughing a meek apology, and saying, “OK, you can have some of it back.” Preferably in front of an angry mob.

That’s because in a just world they’d be in jail.

What a great man, blah blah, devoted his life to public service, blah blah, achieved tremendous levels of success blah blah, the nation mourns, blah blah.

I call preemptive bullshit: The man devoted his entire adult life to wetting his pants, hurting innocent people, and acquiring money and power for himself and his friends. At least as best I can tell from here in the cheap seats.

Obligatory disclaimer: I don’t “want” Dick Cheney to die anymore than I want some anonymous wealthy asshole bankster with a nice wife and kids to die, or myself to die, but it’s going to happen to all of us, and most of us will not enjoy the fate of being eulogized so falsely effusively in public. Besides, Liz “Borden” Cheney will clearly carry the torch for decades to come, so it isn’t as if his death matters to me in the grand scheme of things.

Dick Cheney makes me want a God to judge, and I find it delicious that he’s literally heartless now, kept alive by the science his Administration and politics fought so hard against.