January 2013

John Boehner claims ending abortion will be a legislative goal for the GOP in the next year.

Two things. First, good luck with that, and more importantly, the reasonably well-off will always have access to safe abortions, while the uber-rich get them as casually as any welfare queen ever.

It takes a true moron-whore/whore to fail to understand the historical and human reality of abortion. Women who don’t want to have babies, at least a lot of them, are not going to have babies whether “legal” or not, and this fucking planet has babies to spare. We’re down to our last 7-8 billion at last count.

Go, Orange Man! Keep beating that horse.

It’s going to be fun watching the GOP, one clusterfuck of a party right now, cannibalize one of their own, for such controversial statements like he (Hagel) represents the U.S., not Israel, and that the military is bloated (deficits!) and more than a little because Hagel HAS to be some kind of dick since Obama picked him.

Also, too, freedom!

I’ve paid attention to Hagel for a long time, and though we disagree very substantively and substantially on a whole range of political issues, I too am a pragmatic midwestern non-dumbass, like Chuck, and I trust him almost implicitly for how much I disagree with him. He’s a good fucking man.

A brilliant political and policy move, all in all.