March 2011

Too much ABBA.

I wonder how a huge accurately sampled set of Americans would feel about this if they were aware of it?

And I wonder why this kind of news doesn’t generate more chat?

They’re hard to pull out of for certain personality types, mine being one.

They’re also hard to pull out of for Empires.

The remake of Arthur is going to be a disaster in every way.

That using Dove products would make me comfortable in my own skin, and that Edward Jones would look me in the eye if I hand them a bunch of my money.

Thanks, guys.

It has always been great being born on St. Patrick’s Day, I thank Mom to this day.

It’s easy for people to remember so I get a lot of nice greetings I probably wouldn’t get born a day earlier or later.

This year, though, it is the Happy Birthday’s I’m missing that have my attention. Some real old standby’s, gone.

Famine, plague, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and one helluva lot of pestilence are right on top of us.

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