A site with a total costs of government investigating government, that goes back 19 years, sourced to the GAO (Government Accounting Office).

Not only is Fitz smart and unimpeachable, he’s cheap!  I love this guy!

We’ll see how much play this story gets in the States. 

As some of you may or may not know, we’ve hired a lot of ex-military “private contractors” to handle some security issues in Iraq.  Apparently the Brits have, too.  This is the story of what would seem to me to be inevitable when you do that on a large-scale basis.  It’s about these guys playing random “shoot the car” games to pass the time.  The video is already out there, too.

Judge for yourself.


First we had a story from Tom DeFrank of the NY Daily News detailing the POTUS’s anger, at least, with some of his staff. Then came the report that he’s down to talking only to Karen Hughes, his old pal, Laura, his Mom (she’s the mean one) and Condi.  (It was reported widely in the “real” news).  Well, OK, you hunker down when you’re in trouble, but when you’re the President it seems to me you should be getting more input as part of your job.  So, a small quibble there.

There’ve been some tabloid reports about the POTUS drinking again, but the tabloids are only right slightly less than the Mainstream media is, so you have to take that with a grain of salt.

But now this, from probably the most respected investigative reporter left, Sy Hersh of the New Yorker Mag.  I’ve linked a place where the key quotes are detailed…mainly, they portray a guy who is so convinced he’s right he doesn’t care what happens!  Yikes.

Some of the comments are thought-provoking, as well, though as always they tend to drift.

I don’t know, she doesn’t sound that nutty to me.  Personally, I think her writing has “improved” for one reason or another, but she’s signing it in any case, from Camp Casey.

When I am here in Crawford at Camp Casey, I almost feel sorry for George up there a couple of miles away from us in his protected Green Zone. He is protected from physical harm (which he need not fear from us) and he is protected from political harm. He doesn’t have to face people who disagree vehemently with his policies and who oppose his continued killing with every fiber of our beings. He is protected from the real world of pain and need. He has never had to face his failures or own up to anything. Really, are any of us surprised that he has been such a miserable failure in every way?

The reason I feel sorry for him though, is that he is also sitting in his political Green Zone with apparently not many friends or confidants. Reports show that he only has four people who he can talk to. He is not even on friendly terms with his father, Karl or Dick. We at Camp Casey, on the other hand, are surrounded by laughter, love, hope and acceptance. One can’t help smiling just being here.

I received an email today that had this subject line: “Throw the Bitch in the Ditch.” The writer accused me of “throwing dirt” on Casey, himself and his son who all have served the country. I have NEVER said anything to disparage the honorable service of Casey or the others who have signed up to be in the military, only to be abused by the leadership of this country. This writer didn’t even blink an eye at calling the mother of a war hero “bitch.” I wonder how the email writer feels about his own leadership “throwing dirt” on the service of actual military men like: John Kerry; Jack Murtha; Max Cleland, and yes, even John McCain? I have never questioned people who try to stay alive fighting in the dishonorable wars of the old men. Who I appreciate even more, though, are the people of courage who resist killing innocent people and become conscientious objectors. I wish Casey had. I am hoping that would have happened. He told everyone before he left for Iraq that he didn’t think he could “kill anyone.”

Today we dedicated the Casey Sheehan Memorial Peace Gardens at the Crawford Peace house and we unveiled the memorial stone. It was a very poignant and moving event. Tomorrow we are having a rally here at Camp Casey, everyone is invited. There is great info at the Crawford Peace House website or http://www.MichaelMoore.com

We are again going to be sad to leave on Sunday, but if George is still defiling the White House and if the war is still raging, we will be back for Easter.

Someone has to make George face his failures and change his ways. We in the Camp Casey Peace movement are dedicated to that mission. But more importantly we are dedicated to the mission of honoring our fallen heroes by bringing their buddies home alive.

We will keep pressing; we will not give up; we will stay the course; we will prevail.

…but they’re going to require a lot of people doing a lot of work, and yes, I’m afraid, a “change in direction.”  I found this a truly fabulous idea.  This other story is pretty interesting, too. 

If Bush WAS serious about bombing Al Jazeera, you really need to start questioning his sanity and his drinking history.  Al Jazerra is housed in a country that still KIND of likes us.  It’s a news organization.  How on earth are you going to make the world safe for democracy, and spread it, while you’re attacking one of its pillars, a free press?  What a moron!  (MAYBE.)

Kudos to the British Parlamentarian.