He’s the real deal. You heard it here probably not first.

“One of us can throw a football.”

He may still lose to Djokovic, it’s tiebreak in the 4th, but he’s the most elegant tennis player I’ve ever seen. McEnroe and Nadal for intensity and artistry, Connors and Agassi for mentally tough force of will, Borg and Evert for stone cold concentration, Samprass for hair and consistent brilliance, but Roger for fluid grace.

I watch him and it all looks so beautifully effortless. One last Nadal-Federer match in a GS final would be fun to watch. Soon it will be on to the next gen.

Federer wins, ending Djokovic’s incredible 40+ match win streak.

Gee, what a shocker that the Bulls would be better if DRose passed the ball more.

It might even occur to all of them, I’m talking to you, coach, that they’re actually really good and maybe even better when DRose shoots only 15-20 time as opposed to his usual 25-30. Deng is money with a good shot inside 20, Boozer is a consummate pro in a slump; WAAA-Keem is Dennis Rodman with a good attitude, and the rest of the Bulls are interchangeable and good, which is why the bench kicks ass.

This stuff is oddly not hard to see.

…is watching the Lakers go down by 30+ in a big(ish) game.

It’s perverse because I care at all about a bunch of physically and zen-like gifted zillionaires in any fashion whatsoever. But on some level it was entertaining to me. Didn’t even really have to watch, either.

I see that some horse won the Derby today.

About three seconds behind the immortal Secretariat, a serious ass-whupping in a speed race of human, animal, or mechanical variety. It’s over in two minutes at 35-40 mph.

Immortal for me, for sure. I was 14 years old and enthralled. The only horse I’ve ever loved, and what a beautiful creature, indeed.

Sometimes the idea that Tiger Woods has been driven insane by golf makes me laugh.

Of all the people in the world who’ve ever even been remotely competent at golf, Tiger Woods needs to leave his brain out of it. His golf swing. And he can’t do it. I’ll take odds on him missing the cut.

They’re a good, fun team this year.

And 3-0 against the dreaded Heat.

Why doesn’t Tiger Woods go back to his 2000 swing? You know, watch some film of when he was kicking everyone’s ass by miles regularly.

He says he’s better now, and I say he isn’t. It’s interesting to watch for us golf fans. A savant without his gift.

I appreciate it, I really do. I understand and am in awe of the skill and dedication it takes to reach that level of sport.

But after watching just pieces of today’s two thrilling ties, the second one 0-0, love just ain’t ever going to happen for me.

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