April 2011

It hit me today that my life could coincide with a real kick-ass situation and circumstances, what with loving supportive parents, friends, and family, good health, etc., during the peak of an Empire, living in it, feeding off it, mind, body and soul, and I should be around to watch the early death throes as it will be with my own self.


…on how the Right has completely dominated the political debate over the last 40 years.

We’ve elected a moderate Republican, dressed nattily as a DFH/war monger, odd that, and the bugfuck-insane 27% can’t deal with the fact he’s an American. The debate has been moved so far right there are drop cases who think Obama is a socialist. And they have a voice on a major news network, the most major.

I haven’t posted much on politics lately, because politics makes me want to kill myself over the stupidity and waste, but more than anything the ignorance in the general electorate’s spiritual and intellectual realms of existence.

Tip o’ the hat to Joe Klein, for whom I have great periodic contempt, but also great periodic respect, because old Joe has been visibly moved by the new media, i.e., feedback and facts. Blogs have made him better.

Still gets me laughing.

This is genius. Cartman with Tourette’s. The concept may be juvenile, but the execution is near flawless.

He and I are not alike in at least one respect: The boy just doesn’t get anyone riled up. He likes to chase rabbits until he’s strangled by the leash, but I have plenty of reason to believe he’ll just want to play with it if he ever catches one.

There are other dogs in the ‘hood of whom the owners have told me, “Dweezil is the only dog that will get away with that.”

Anyway, it’s nice having a completely harmless and bright dog. He reminds me that now and then if not all the time I should just back the fuck off, and everyone will be happier.


Hit the ball straight, preferably far, and make a lot of putts. You can win a Masters that way.

Looks to me like a comminist furriner is going to be fitted in green this year, but the first round is almost invariably aberrational.

If Rory shoots 65 tomorrow, he deserves to win or choke. If Phil hits 4-14 fairways tomorrow he isn’t going to be -4 (using the Bill Smola technique*). Tiger has no chance of going low, IMHO. Someone new is going to win. Saw an interview with co-leader Quiros and liked him a lot.

Like most cliches, “You can’t win a tournament in the first round, but you can lose it” is completely true. After 1, anything E or better is fine.

*The Bill Smola Technique is, in short, taking a very early sports score and applying a linear graph to it over time. As in if the end of the first quarter of a football game was 21-0, using the Bill Smola Technique the final score will be 84-0. The BST dictates that Rory will finish -28, and meant to be funny used appropriately.

Sometimes the idea that Tiger Woods has been driven insane by golf makes me laugh.

Of all the people in the world who’ve ever even been remotely competent at golf, Tiger Woods needs to leave his brain out of it. His golf swing. And he can’t do it. I’ll take odds on him missing the cut.

One of my favorite all-time movie scenes. And one of my all-time favorite movies.

I’ve been Ben Affleck. Makes we want to vomit.

Update: Been Silent Bob too, when it comes to Amy.

S’pose this brings it into better context: