March 2010

Nicely demonstrated by Josh.

Hell, it’s so short I’ll just give you the whole thing:

It looks like Fox has created the perfect interview show vehicle for Sarah Palin. An interview show based around her interviews with people she’s never interviewed.”

The actual story is hilarious, too.

(I apologize if this is bad blog etiquette. (But still don’t care.))

Well, at least we can all agree that their internal ranking system was pretty normal.

Jesus lives!

I’m a bit angry with the Catholic Church, not in small part because some of my best friends are Catholic, and the bizarre hold The Church holds over them is creating dissonance, and I’m talking about really good people, which is all part and parcel of the entire deal, I suppose.

Matt takes his shot. Do not anger a talented polemicist.

I just cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to be a member of a club whose leadership pulled the stuff they did over the length of time they did.

My problem is that maintaining your membership with the Catholic Church is morally wrong (yes, that means you, Andrew Sullivan), because they’ll only change their behavior when their members bolt, and their money stream dries up (more than it already has), and not before then. (If then, but that’s the best shot at change.)

Man up.

This one about Bank Man, and hard for me to poke holes in (other than the fact that Wall St. owns Congress, akin to the Titanic’s small hole) on both politics and policy.

HuffPo’s h/t.

It really is ridiculous.

If they actually believed what they preached, they’d all be rotting in Hell and taking it up the hiney against their will.

Not mine, but obviously true:

What if investigation after investigation discovered that the Muslim church had engaged in a decades-long cover-up of massive criminal activity involving the molestation and raping of children? What if it involved countless Muslim religious leaders, imams, and others? What if one of the highest Sunni leaders in the world was complicit in hiding sex crimes committed against deaf kids? Do you think for a moment that the outrage would not be so massive as to force mosques to close and for schools to go bankrupt? Many, many people would be justifiably jailed. There would be congressional investigations. Republicans would be calling for any faith-based funds to be banned from going to Muslim organizations because, indeed, some of the money may have been indirectly used to pay off victims and to shuffle the perpetrators from city to city. Hell, there would be death threats, vandalism, if not outright violence, against mosques and people. Yes, Islam in America, if not in the West entirely, would be assaulted from all corners…[snip]

Of course, because it’s the Catholic Church, despite whatever revulsion there is against those who committed the assaults and those who engaged in racketeering by conspiring to hide it from authorities, we are supposed to accept that it’s simply the actions of the few and not the infection of the entire faith.

My line is irretrievably crossed. The Pope his Own Self is neck deep in the German “Revelations.” The priest in Milwaukee was sentenced by The Church to 24 years of working with more children AFTER he was found to be molesting DEAF kids. Their qualifications for preaching “good and evil” or even right and wrong to me are akin to my asking Ted Bundy for dating advice. But I guess, hey, at least they don’t fly planes into buildings.

Just for the record, even the Mafia thinks this shit is gross.

The idea that they’re not even paying taxes makes me want to puke.

Adding that if you still feel the need to bleat while the Dogs feed on you, the Sheep, as the Pigs give cover, have at it. Just don’t ask me to understand it.

The Man is an ass. Beware.



Here is your money quote:

“America changed for me this weekend. I don’t see it anymore as this television set used to show me.

Uh, Glenn? TV is fake. It’s an elaborate illusion. You’re quite literally watching your furniture and trying to create a reality out of it. You may not get this, oddly, I’m almost sure you don’t, but the people you see on TV know you’re watching, in fact, their entire raison d’ĂȘtre is to make you watch. It’s not a two way medium. It’s entertainment. I’m sorry your Ozzie and Harriet view of America has been destroyed by the fascist idea of not allowing Jesus’ children to be victimized by getting sick, but really, dude, get a an economy sized Clue.

I look forward to Glenn’s denial that the inevitable violence he hints at, via the TV, ironically, had anything to do with his own personal responsibility.

Lots of progress on the whole dogs and cats getting along front.

Dweezil is endlessly patient, Slush(y) is #2 in the household pecking order by fiat and native obstinacy, and Nicholai (Nikki) is always last to join any dog parties. But we’re doing fine.

Sean Hannity, whether this is all true or not, is the King of all Douchebags.

Hat tip to S,N!

Totally non-partisan, and EXACTLY what happened if you’ve learned enough.

Wow, seriously. It’s the best I’ve seen it put on TV, which is the most important medium for morons, of which we have a bunch.

It’s one thing both hard right and hard left agree on, and they still can’t get it done. Ask yourself why.

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