November 2007

…with this, but oddly will not allow me to comment, which is too bad, because one thing I want to see is a do-over of the CNN YouTube debate featuring REAL Republicans, as in those from the base.  I love comedy shows.

Here it is.  Why won’t they let me cheer the idea on?

Dear RedState Reader: and Human Events, Ronald Reagan‘s favorite newspaper, are proposing a do-over debate to make up for the CNN fiasco.

This would be a debate of real Republicans asking the questions to the Republican candidates.

You can read the details here.

Let’s see which of the Republican candidates really want to take questions from real Republican voters.

All the best,

Erick Erickson

I just don’t get it.  But I DID manage to get an e-mail off asking why they wouldn’t allow me to express my full-throated voice to the idea of letting the REAL GOP base pose some questions of their own candidates.  Plus, God forbid they should have to answer anyone else’s.  Like George Bush the Great.  HE doesn’t let dissent in to his events.

That’s what it means to be an American.

My parents took me to see an Evel event at the now-gone Chicago Amphitheater, which back when I was a boy was a serious place that hosted serious events.

Evel ran by doing some 100-yard wheelies several times, made a great and funny speech promoting Harley’s, and then jumped a whole bunch of trucks.

I was dazzled.  His head seemed like inches from the ceiling at his peak, even though I’m sure they made sure it was a couple of feet at least, he landed safely and broke hard on the smooth concrete floor in one of the corridors on the end of the building, where no one could see him.  He rode out triumphantly, of course.  Quite the showman.

So for me, today marks the end of an era.  Middle age marches on.

And that’s just the coverage of actual train wrecks and bombs.

When will the media give up on the “How does it feel” questions to survivors?  Of course, survivors could help matters by starting to ask in return, “How do you think it feels, moron?”  And the endless “updates,” where the only thing updated is say, the originating point of the train, or a hot one, the train number.

The bomb story is a little more fresh, but you’ve got in essence a whole lot of cameras pointing at a building with nothing but a bunch of speculation going on.  “Are the schoolchildren at risk?  They’re on the same block.” 

MSNBC expert Cliff Van Zandt (Clint?  Matthews calls him both):  “Well, that depends on how large the alleged explosive device is.”

Yeah, thanks!

It’s all very weird.  MSNBC is reporting that the hostage taker wants to talk to HRC.  A health care question, perhaps?  My best guess is that he’s so desperate to keep the GOP out of the WH he’s going to ask her to get out of the race.  Politely.

Funny, were it not so sad and emblematic of our larger problems, one of the biggest being that morons like Joe Klein and Charles “The German Hammer” Krauthammer and Bill Kristol still have jobs.

Dear Joe Klein:

Read and learn and look in the fucking mirror from time to time, and not to see if your beard is groomed OK.

Update:  Keep in mind that IOZ has it right from a macro point of view.

The Righties have their high-waisted granny-panties in a bundle because CNN posted some questions during last night’s YouTube debate that may have come from “the other side.”


TIME magazine is still freaking out about Joe Klein’s flagrantly bad journalism, and now the Washington Post is up to their ears in hassle from the unwashed massses about their front-page story that suggests Obama is a Muslim plant, presumably to get us all bombed and shit.

I am losing hope.  They say it springs eternal, and sometimes I feel that way, but boy-oh-boy are we in trouble.

…for lying about his extramarital blow jobs.  (He didn’t even fuck her!  Even Ken Starr admitted as much!)

The Republican national front-runner for the nomination for President of the United States is a thrice-married man who told his second wife he was divorcing her via press conference, and used taxpayer money to get a little or a lot while he was mayor of the second most liberal city in America.  Isn’t “lying” sort of, well, built in to all of that?  Not under oath, of course, because if you’re a Republican under oath (and we should try not to forget the number of Adminstration officials who refused to testify under oath, successfully) you just say you can’t remember, but still.


And people tell me *I’m* crazy.

Maybe so.  But not as crazy as those nutty Repubicans!

“Under oath” are the words Karl Rove is going to hear over and over again for eternity if/while he rots in hell.

…should one of the Republican candidates actually win/steal the Presidential election.

It’s hard not to hate all of them, both sides, but at least the Dems’ solution to everything isn’t, “lower taxes!,” and “Mexcans are bad!”

I’m honestly not sure what I will do, but it ranges from escaping into the woods someplace, preferably but truly unlikely, in a cool log cabin on a lake in a forest with a championship-grade golf course nearby, to, well, I can’t say, since the NSA is reading.  Yo, NSA!  I promise not to hurt anyone else!

My promises are bankable.

With what I suspect is going to be an economic meltdown, or at least the prevention-by-manipulation-and-delay economic meltdown until post-election, it sure is going to be one interesting 2008 and 2009.  The Republicans don’t care about our future, because their’s are generally secure, no matter what happens to the rest of us.  So they’ll fix it, and fix it good, if given half a chance.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Mexcans are bad.

Rudy saved NY.

McCain hates torture, until he votes for it.

Tancredo, Hunter, and Paul are Corporate Media nobodies.

Romney is flummoxed by the whole Bible thing.  Plus, if someone attacks his face, we’ll all see the diodes and LED’s and stuff.

Taxes are especially bad.

Health care?  Not relevant.  Not even discussed with 3 minutes to go.

Homos are bad, too.  “People,” mind you, but bad.  Especially when they want to do crazy things like get married and be monogamous.

Update:  Oh my God!  An African-American Negro chimes in!  Answer:  We just haven’t done a good enough job telling you how much we love you, and how you should be better at pulling yourselves up by the ol’ bootstraps.

Update 2:  Abortion should be decided by the State, not the individual, and that’s why I’m so moderate on abortion.

The idea that even any of these freakshows could win is nauseating.  And if it happens, I’ll be nauseated.  Not only that, I’ll plan my future around the End Of America, and puke a lot.

Sad, funny, and true.

I can’t see any way out of this mess.  It seems to me a fundamental part of the human condition that things need to go really, often violently south for change to happen, and I personally wouldn’t like that all that much. 

But really, when news is for-profit (and ego), what else are you going to get?

…and to about the same extent, the 10,000 pages of accounting rules.  Excerpted:

The tax code is a far more subtle expression of abuse of power, and sneaks out of the everyday ordinary absurd into the surreal.[16]  But it is exactly like the Drug War in that it has become a self-perpetuating, money-sucking monster of epic irrationality, as far as sensible public policy is concerned.  The tax code is, after all, a “system” originally designed to collect money, 14 pages of a very reasonable and simple-seeming idea.  It is now 17,000 pages of 8pt. font, and some of it is designed to “encourage” or “discourage” behavior.  Regular Average Joe is very uncomfortable with the Man’s power in general and the tax code pretty much has him by the wallet—and our Joe’s know their wallets are their only tiny share of Power—in debate-silencing ways that are very creepy and odd.[17]

Joe sees the occasional newsperson ask why it’s taking so long to put Ken Lay behind bars, and almost invariably hears how “complicated” the Enron case is, with a shrug, as Big Media plays along that there’s just nothing we can do about it, and it sure is important and good that everyone investigating be so thorough.

And here the insidious evil of the tax code rears its ugly head:  Even Educated A.J. has to be paying reasonable attention, which he’s not because it is 17,000 pages of legal-accounting-speak, to connect the dots between why the Enron case is so “complicated,” “legally,” back to the tax code.  R.A.J. may again sense it on some level, but that’s about as far as it gets, because R.A.J. can’t be bothered with the trivia in the tax code in the first place, since he’s working more in cash and filing EZ anyway.  Both Joe’s know Lay will get it relatively easy whether he’s convicted or acquitted (compared to what would happen if Joe stole tens of millions, or even if it looked like Joe stole tens of millions), so Joe simply disconnects from the frustrating absurdity of it all.  Even Ken Lay is leaving most Joe’s alone, after all.  Joe is just one guy, and he thinks he can handle his own life without the government’s help, at least on the little stuff. 

The reason that Enron and other financial scandals are so boring to Joe is because Joe knows that armies of lawyers and accountants and actuaries are being directed by The Man to find loopholes and ambiguities in the tax code, in the law, places that can be “interpreted” different ways, and to take advantage of them.  “Legally.”  Joe knows that “legal” doesn’t equal “moral,” especially anymore, and Joe knows if a law or rule is complicated “legal” can be a hard thing to determine, indeed.  (Joe has recent TV History for reference material to support this knowledge.)  Joe says, “f**k it,”[18] and shakes his head in scorn at Power.  He is helpless to do anything about it, except for his single vote.  Joe just wants to be left alone, and so far he hasn’t been audited, so Joe has an unspoken deal.  He’ll keep quiet about it, out of fear of drawing attention to himself, and out of knowing he can’t discuss the Code intelligently,[19] and he’ll only cheat a little on his return, at least as far as the 25 pages of Code Joe thinks he “knows.”  He senses intuitively that the whole thing is built to cheat, er, I mean, “interpret.”  At least for the Have’s.  Joe has a creeping, malignant respect for the Have’s.      

Our non-voting Joe’s would just as soon replace the Code, personally, except a lot of them like that property tax deduction; but most importantly, Joe simply doesn’t think it will ever happen.  It is outside the realm of possibility.  Because to Joe it is complexity and powerful self-interest—something Joe doesn’t have—run riot, beyond absurd to begin with.  It never would have gotten to where it is if Joe had anything to say about it.  Thus there is no political hue and cry to do anything about it.[20]

Instead of losing Joe’s jobs as a result of the Man’s laws, starting over on the tax code in a sane manner would cause the Man to lose jobs.  Like THAT is going to happen, Joe laughs!  What would the tax and accounting professions and all the lawyers and insurance and drug companies and utility companies and telecommunications and banks, and Congress and their lobbyists and Big Media, and Big Software[21] do without 10,000 pages of accounting rules and 17,000 pages of tax code to tweak and exploit?  Less, that’s for sure.  Much, much less. 

And in that subset of job-creating inertia resides a whole lot of E.A.J.’s, the one’s who do vote.  We are stuck with the power-stick and absurdity of the existing tax code process because unraveling ourselves from it is too huge and frightening, and too upsetting to the power structure.  American E.A.J. is doing OK so far in his race with death for money,[22] OK enough to leave it all alone, right down to voting in the case of even many E.A. Joe’s.

Joe has not yet assimilated that the U.S. tax code is where Power and Money go to cheat legally; to build complexity beyond Joe’s ability and/or desire to comprehend or question; to keep Joe quiet with bones like the property tax deduction while Saddaming away all the juicy meat for themselves.  Joe hasn’t seen the relative total tax burden (all 17,000 pages worth, plus State and local) of the top 10% vs. the bottom 90% over the last 30 years in a way Joe can understand.  The tax code isn’t built for Joe, and he knows it.  Really, Joe just wants to be left alone.  Joe disassociates from public life.”

This is at minimum a partial explanation of our voting rate.  Go here if you want to read the endnotes.  They’re not all that important, though.

It is testimony to the rich and lawyerly Dems that they, too, perhaps especially where politics are concerned, have no interest in outflanking the GOP on the RIGHT for radical simplification of the Tax Code.  This Educated Average Joe thinks there are a LOT of votes there.

And is one of many reasons I will not refer to myself as a Democrat.

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