December 2006

Edwards is noboby’s fool.

Especially to my 8 loyal readers.

Cheney hails Nixon pardon at Ford’s state funeral.

Gee, Dick, is it because there’s an off chance you’ll need one?

I am so sure he’s going to Hell if there is one.  The bad news is, neither one of us think there is one.

But I’m less sure.

Finally, I saw it.

See it yourself.  And don’t disregard the science; Science is one of God’s first languages.

It is very compelling.

And we elected George W. Bush.  Who refuses to even watch the goddamn thing.  I guess his 7-hour day won’t allow for it.

I blame the media.

A pro-sex, pro-women website/blog with attitude all over the place and good humor and profound insight in equally long supply.

If she wasn’t so evil and man-averse, I would move to Austin and beg her to have dinner with me.

She’d think I was bald.

From the perspective of a woman who is Western-educated, secular, smart, a good writer, and happens to live in the Hell we have created.  Riverbend posts infrequently, maybe because she’s a dead woman if anyone in power there figures out who she is.

It’s probably a good act of citizenship to read what she has to say.

I have not yet validated her provenance.  But enough of the bloggers I’ve linked to have, so I’m calling her real.


Attaturk captures Saddam’s execution in all its final glory here.

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