January 2011

“Guilt is making yourself feel good about values you really do not have.”

-Dr. Harry Carson-

Tried to get in touch with at least 7-8 of them tonight, and got two, or one and a half to be more precise.

That’s not a good batting average when you need them.

It’s ultimately a lonely world out there.

Update: A couple more came through, and I’m grateful.

So my beloved puppy, the whitish-haired one, REALLY got into a RollerballTM pen and got blue ink all over everything and especially himself, pretty much his entire bottom quarter; on the carpet in every room but one, tile, wood, and bed sheets. Leather sofa was where he did the deed. For most people, a disaster.

The only reason I’m posting this is because it occurred to me today, two days later, that I really didn’t care about the blue ink footprints all over the house, since, you know, so?

And all the reasons for “fixing” it, which means spending money trust me, were related to social pressure. Every single one.

So I’m not sure I’m going to fix anything.