August 2012

When/if Romney wins. (In my mind, “close” is a GOP win either way)

Anyway, someone should tell Paul Ryan that none of Rand’s heroes ever lied.


Sure, in some ways, but in most ways acting very much like end-stage world leadership. Overabundance of reliance on the military, even worse on the budgetary front than on the military front, on the verge of abandoning the social safety net…it’s an interesting and very human characteristic.

Fuck the poor and innocent, until there’re too many of them to ignore. And the cycle lives.

Because black POTUS, and all.

Can’t say it any better than this, though this has been my try lately: Where would the GOP be without the racist, homophobic, religious zealot/bigot, and climate-change denying vote?

Not in a good place, I assure you, electorally. I, for one, am encouraged that they are represented at the convention.

Balloon Juice.

(And of course by “best blog” I mean the one that speaks to me, and for me, closest, and is mostly about politics. I point this out all the time when I e-mail links, but still it is a fact that the proprietor of BJ voted for Bush The Lesser twice.)

Many, many readers a day. But I fear not enough.

I agree with the usage of the word, “asshole,” here. Proper.

I miss him so.

My favorite writer ever, by far. I hope he’s not depressed anymore. But nobody wrote it better, and I’ve read my share of the depressives.

People who don’t or can’t get through IJ are people, in general, without much mental illness. Bless them.

This is what it looks like when a bunch of trained professionals open fire in a crowd.

I do not understand people sometimes.

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