April 2010

Courtesy of DougJ at Balloon Juice.

I find myself really, really wanting to believe this was written tongue in cheek. If not, I believe I’ve “met” the least self-aware, most arrogant, biggest wanking jackass in (presumably) America.

Truly craptacular, on so many levels.

Watching C-Span 3 televising the Goldman Sachs drilling after work. And liking it.

I thought every GS employee I saw was a moron except for Blankfein, who was merely competent. It’s amazing how many VIP’s have no memory or no clue about what happened on their watch.

The reform bill might help, but I doubt it. It’s just one The Man working with another The Man, while maintaining the veneer of adversarial relationships.

On a more personal note, I can appreciate Coburn a little more, so even though I think he nuts he’s clearly not stupid.

GS will ultimately win, one way or another. So it’s nothing to get worked up about anymore.

Not much to say lately.

Things I’m interested in now: My dog, the Blackhawks, my job, neighborhood, friends and family.

People. Community.

Things from which I’ve managed emotionally to create a somewhat dispassionate distance: The bad parts of my job, stupid interpersonal conflict or weakness, news about something happening dimensions from my influence, sudden death (not the sports kind), and jeez, I’m almost a year Gasbag-TV clean and sober.

Things still generally kicking ass: Steve Benen, John Cole and Co., Digby, the wonderfully cathartic folks at Sadly, No!, TBogg, etc. on the blog front (there’s clearly a subset of us that read all of them and others, apologies to those), the Blackhawks, two very intriguing women in my life (both comfortably unavailable for wildly different reasons; mustn’t lose our heads), my dog, my friends and family.

Things that suck: That AZ law about show me your papers. The GOP. Wall St. The Catholic Church’s pedophilia farm team. The corporate media. Incompetent Democrats. Bought and paid for Democrats. Useless leadership. Forgotten soldiers. Dirty energy. Poverty. Organized religion with any more dogma than your average Unitarian.

Things that have caused all Suck for all of history: The Man.

Things have been great.

TNC with a beauty for the archives.

For me, all that I’ve touched and all that I’ve seen is all my life will ever be.

I did not know Lee’s history re slavery. And the states’ proclamations are horrifying in their articulation of bullshit.

Hat tip to Steve Benen.

Duke should win. I’m not sure they will.

Also, go Butler.

First break, I would be happy if I was Butler, and I think this will be a close game.

Full disclosure: I’ll win a pool if Duke wins, but I want Butler bad.

I’ve watched Hahn, who I know can shoot it, miss everything he puts up for three straight games. Beware the unintended hero.

Now things are heating up, as Butler foolishly concedes a 3 to Singler.

Second big break. I think it will go down to the last 4 minutes. 16-14 Duke.

Butler is doing what they want defensively. And they’re hanging in there offensively. Howard should have at least 4, and he’ll get ’em if he keeps at it. Uh oh. Howard picks up his second.

Butler by 2 with the ball at the third break. Gonna be a real good game.

28-27 Duke. Butler is fine, and happy, and good. 2:40 to go. It will take some weird stuff to happen to make it an uninteresting second half. Gordy hasn’t gotten off; Mack is kicking ass; Singler is kicking ass; Scheyer and Smith yet to explode.

Butler should go into halftime with the psychological advantage: They know they’re as good.

Halftime: Duke 33-32. Great game.

Funny halftime crawl, about my local weather: You’ll die during a thunderstorm if you don’t go Bubble-Boy. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s accurate.

More fun halftime miscellany: A good friend of mine would rather text than call me, but she’s a chick so I can’t be mad. We’re 50.

Second half: It’s a tie for first for best player on the floor between Singler and Gordy.

Still a nail-biter. 17:53, 36-34 Duke. Howard ties it.

Then goes to the bench.

Duke should still win by a couple.

38 all. GREAT game. Clean, Zebras not a huge factor, good defense all over the place, particularly by the Dogs, and we have another whistle…when another free layup comes to Butler! 40-38 Butler.

Great shot by Smith. Tie at the first break in the second half.

Go, Butler!

Just a great game for both games. Singler lays some more long-range ordnance on the Bulldogs. 13:02 left.

(Duke by 8 in terms of final score.)

Sadly, it is still a 4 point game and all I can think about is which team the Zebras have the fix money on.

Also, Gordy seems to get away with a lot of walks, but all the great ones did.

Scheyer with a very big play if he makes the freebie, which he usually does. I like my Duke +8 call.

Big free throws by Howard. A 3 point game.

Deep game thought: Try not to foul Scheyer.

Deep game thought 2: Coach K asked his players if they were going to continue to rebound like a bunch of pussy shooting guards in the second half.

Duke +3. Still a great game.

Good call on the natural foul by Thomas, but only barely, Clark.

5 minutes left, Duke by 1. I love good basketball.

Go dogs!!!!!!

Singler has a peculiarly “dead” spinned shot, but it’s deadly, and boy is he good. I’m gonna give best player on the floor award to Hayward, though. Less to work with.

3:05 left and Butler really needs at least 2. They get it.

1 point game, and I’m jacked. And if Duke wins, I better hear Coach K say what a good team they played beyond the usual cliches. :49 left. Ain’t gonna be no 8 point game. I stand stupid.

Right on. Down the wire to the last minute and great big brass balls, typically. Second to last break, I think. Game reset: Duke by 1, Butler ball, roughly :13 to go. Great game.

Good inbounds defense by Duke, good timeout call by Gordy. Butler needs a better inbounds play than that one.

OK, give me a long 3.

Close, no cigar. I win my pool!

Update: I DON’T win my pool! I tore it up in futile resignation after last weekend, I knew I had Duke in the final, and managed to convince myself that I would’ve never bet against Duke in a final. Ergo, I deserved to lose. I had KS.

Still, a wonderful basketball game.

…if anyone that can fuck virtually anyone he wants, and has with obvious zeal can overcome it, it is Tiger Woods.

You have no idea how much discipline it takes to do what he has done on the golf course if you’ve never played. None.

You used to be able to get this horror through the Corporate Media.

I wonder why that doesn’t happen anymore?

War is hell, and tough decisions are made. But this kind of thing doesn’t win a lot of hearts and minds. It’s murder, and then more murder of people trying to help the wounded.

Thanks, President Bush. Things are super over there now that Saddam is gone, which I’m not saying is a bad thing, but there are no solutions, just new sets of problems.