February 2008

This is embarrassing for our country, even though we must all admit it is so common we’re growing a callous about it.

Personally, I can’t wait until I get subpoenaed.  I’m going to whip this out like nobodies business if it ever happens.  “I’ll answer to the subpoena when government officials who actually influence public policy do, too, you fucking hypocrite criminals.”  Maybe I’ll be more polite and less profane than that, but that will be the message.

We are dealing with a criminal organization in today’s GOP; any other read of it is naive and partisan in the extreme.  Even leaning towards Obama, one hopes all this is true.  It will/would be hilarious to listen/watch/puke over GOP hysterics about Executive Power if a Democrat had some.

Why doesn’t any serious “journalist” ever write anything about why the scariest words in the English language to people like Karl Rove are, “under oath.”?  And he’s not the only one, by a long stretch.  And that’s knowing he/they will lie anyway!

Our government has been hijacked, dipshits.

Yo, AG Mukasey!  Fuck you, and your fuck-show carnival version of fucking JUSTICE!  You’ll rot in Hell, too, you fucking dick-sucker pussy.  One day Democrats will run the show, and if you say anything against their Executive Power, I will come to your house and post angry signs.

Uh, sorry for all that uncivil language there.  It just seemed appropriate for the emotion of the moment.

Worst.  President.  Ever.  Worst.  Administration.  Ever.  Worst.  Period of.  Time.  Ever.  I’m glad I’m old.  Thanks, George The Lesser, and President Cheney.  You’ve made life worse for the entire planet.  Quite a legacy.

Semi-quoting Jon Stewart, on Germany:  Boy, I cannot ever remember our country in worse shape.  Germans do not say this.

Atrios and Matt Yglesias get another one profoundly right.  About talking to “dictator” madmen.

I was in Phoenix for the FBR Open, the Super Bowl, and mostly to hang out with two of my oldest, best friends.  On Saturday night, after the golf tournament, there is this sick-and-wrong party on the course at “The Bird’s Nest,” which is just a giant tent with a bunch of people who came to the tournament and 3 very good bands, covering about 6 hours.  And literally thousands of women who braved 50-degree weather in cocktail dresses and heels, on very steep hills, to be there.  You get the idea.  It’s more of a party than a golf tournament, especially with the Super Bowl in town the same weekend.  There were 168,000 (an American record, so far as I know) at the tournament on the day I was there.  No less than 50,000 were there for not golf.  You get the idea.

That very night, a jealous husband picked a fight with me.  The details are a little hazy, but I talked to his wife at some point, among dozens of other lovely women, no doubt told her she was lovely since she was, and the next thing I know, her near 20 year senior husband is telling me he is forced by some odd honor code that he has to beat the shit out of me.  He was much larger than I am, but the same age.  His wife wasn’t close to either of our ages.

Being sort of a combative sort, though highly physically cowardly like Dick Cheney, I spent a good half hour engaging the man.  It didn’t take long to figure out that he was just another overserved jealous guy.  Long story short:  No fight, and dignity intact.  I recited him a favorite line from a book without giving credit to the author, very early on in the kerfluffle:  “While you’re getting dinner, I’ll get a sandwich.”  He said my friends were pussies for not “having my back,” even though I pointed out I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I got sent to jail, along with him, for fighting, thus ruining the night and costing someone money, even though it would’ve been my money in the end.  I pointed out that fighting our age (49) was rather juvenile and unseemly.  And embarrassing for both of us.  And the friend thing actively pissed me off, so I got to bluster about them, too, and tell him his definition of “friend” was moronic.  I was actually getting in his physical space in a confrontational way from time to time during the course of our surreal discussion.

I kind of liked him after a while.  He was just stupidly defending his wife’s honor, or so he thought, like I was going to take her back to my pal’s house with my pal’s wife and two young boys or something.  There were 1000+ women to laugh with in the house.  As is often the case, he was completely irrational.  A guy’s guy.  I understand those.  I’ve known them all my life.

As is also often the case, rationality won the evening.  I’m pretty sure on some level he agreed that it would be a fairly large-scale hassle to hit me first.  (There is no question in my mind, but perhaps not his, that there were security cameras filming the whole deal.  I sure wasn’t going to start anything, Your Honor.)

At one point, his wife and a friend of hers were just standing a respectful distance away watching us, and I had a chance to catch both their eyes with a “WTF?” grin on my face, and I could tell they understood.  I was pretty sure this guy had pulled his macho-man stuff before.

The point is, nothing bad ever comes from talking sanely.  Obama is right about this one.  As Matt and Duncan point out, Bush talks to unspeakably nasty leaders all the time, first of all, and he can actually claim some success from having done it, as in N. Korea and when he or his surrogates talk the Saudis out of stoning and imprisoning Saudi women for having the fortunate experience of being raped.

The President of the United States is one messed up dude.  He reminds me of the guy who wanted to punch me.

Update:  Apologies to Ezra.  Upon further review he apparently got the discussion started.

It’s a little inside-baseball for my 6 readers, but still. 

William F. Buckley.  I liked him, because he wasn’t a moron, and he didn’t hold his political adversaries in personal contempt.  I hated having to look up words, so gave up reading him around the time he semi-retired, but that’s my problem, not his.

I say the current conservative movement killed the poor man. 

I’ve had the chance this evening to go outside of my circle of regular blog reading, and I was struck by something today.

Not only did I take yesterday off, a whole bunch of other (actually) really good bloggers did, too.  I read Susan’s “I can’t take it anymore” post with some distress, and even as I was bouncing around the normally prolific blog sites I frequent, it was hard not to notice a dearth of posts, yesterday.  Things seem more normal today.

Full moon?  I don’t know.  I just found it noteworthy.

Another thing I noticed, since I had the time to visit some “new” blogs because my regulars had taken the day off, is that just a crapload of A-Listers still link people who haven’t posted in months.  I mean, these are bloggers for whom the last post up is about why they’re taking time off; the reasons were several. 

My blog may suck, but at least I try to keep current.  I call blog elitism.

“Bush:  U.S. is not headed into a recession.”

Am I not the only one this worries?  The man’s track record is not exactly sterling.  “Mission Accomplished,” anyone?  “We don’t torture, and if we do, waterboarding certainly doesn’t qualify.”?  Karl Rove is a principled man and I’m proud to have him as a friend and advisor?  Donald Rumsfeld is the best Sec. of Defense evah?

Time to start putting your money in shoe boxes.

Update:  Ah, crap.  Sadly, No! beats me to the punch, and is funnier, of course.  Great minds think alike, even if one is greater than the other?

Boy, I sure like them both!

All the intramural bickering is dickish.  I don’t get it.  This is a campaign of style, because the substance is too similar to quibble about when one factors in the whims of the Congress, the votes either of them will have in Congress, all the crap that can happen between now and November, and, we should try not to forget, the President’s inability to MAKE law.  The President just signs them or vetoes them.  Unless you’re George Bush the Asshole Lesser, who signs them with his fingers crossed behind his back in the form of signing statements.

They’re both fine.  They both have strengths, and they both have weaknesses.  BFD.  Get over yourself.  Measure those strengths and weaknesses, vote for the one you find strongest, and then get behind the winner.  Don’t be an ass, because the main thing is keeping the GOP out of power for as long as possible, or until they clean themselves up while the party in power soils themselves.

The general cannot come fast enough for me.

I think the man is a genius.  I don’t see how any sane person cannot be provoked, educated, and/or emoted by this post, which the point of IMHO is just absolutely indisputable.

My theory has to do with tribalism.  Like J (I suspect), I find belonging to a club (read: tribe) somewhat distasteful on its face.  I prefer to make the choices with somewhat imperial power whom I choose to be associated with.  That said, I like being respected and perhaps even coveted by clubs, because that means they dig what I’m saying in general.

The problem is that club membership almost invariably involves a level of deference and commonality that both J (I suspect) and I find intolerable. 

It’s an odd thing, not agreeing across the board with various political factions, in this example of tribalism.  Me, I sort of think of language as cultural glue, so cannot in most tribalists’ view be a true member of The Left.  I generally think that we should have the money we spend before we spend it, even while I’m not absolutist about it in special circumstances.  I think homophobia and racism and yes, political correctness run amok (in the words of Jon Stewart, no reactionary, Utopia for Dems is to make life so non-confrontational that it becomes an endless series of apologies), among other doctrinaire positions, are all bad things.  In which pigeon-hole do I belong?

I don’t see much difference between Democratic Man and Republican Man at an extremely high altitude.  Power is the enemy, and those who seek it have a perverse desire to have it, and Power almost invariably has a negative impact on who these power seekers are and how they behave.

I don’t think Duke Cunningham came into Congress as a criminal.

Right now, I think GOP Man’s Organized Government Crime in my fucking name enterprise needs to be stopped.  It isn’t that I am un-supportive of what used to be conservative thinking.  Lots of it I get, and even agree with.  A non-interventionist foreign policy, respect for the Bill of Rights, privacy, “get the government off people’s backs,” fiscal sanity if not discipline; count me in on all that forgotten shit.

So, J, my hat is off to you, Jim Henley and pals at UO, IOZ, and several others who refuse to join the Club.  I might even put Dr. Atrios in this category, since I seem to be endlessly agreeing with him.  There are others.

I appreciate your articulation on matters I’m not as able to articulate on.

…said that St. John McCain was a genital herpes sufferer from years of adultery, an absolute “whore” (his words) when it came to special interests and lobbyists, a person who thought war was the highest calling of Mankind, and a serial liar right down to all the women he’s fucked.  And THEN he said that Mrs. McCain had so many cosmetic surgeries her face is mostly now behind her ears, rendering a Joan Collins-mask of horror, and that her eyes were pulled so tight she declares herself Oriental on her census form.

Fortunately, I came on stage and denounced all that, so no harm, no foul.

I’ve said it before:  What would the GOP do without their racist, homophobic, xenophobic, moron base?  Short answer?  25%.

I want to take the plunge, I really do.  I even have a MacPro and all the associated toys I “need” to go with it all set up in an on-line shopping cart, including a carrying case, i-Office or whatever they call it, the cool new wireless modem that provides an additional 500GB of storage, and so on.  I’ll be set if I pull the trigger. 

But I’m nervous about it, and that doesn’t even include the cost, which is horrifying.  What do I do with all my saved stuff on ol’ PC?  I have an external drive not even 2 years old.  Is it useless?  How do I keep a PC and a Mac running side by side without doing what I don’t want to do, which is cough up for the PC compatibility?  I yearn to be a Mac purist.  It’s the transtion I’m worried about.  I can set up the Mac to work from home, which is good, but it would be far easier to just hang in there until the PC dies.  What about all the photos I have saved?  Gone?  50 hours of tech-talk to transfer?  Inquiring minds want to know.

I don’t want to go to the light and retain any darkness.  What about all my Contacts and stuff in Outlook?  Does it just disappear, useless, unless I enter all the information again? 

50 years from now, we’ll just tell our computers verbally what to do.  We’re not there yet.  I would say I’m a 5 on a 1-10 scale of PC literacy, which makes me, I figure, no better than a 2 when it comes to Mac-ing.

Someone give me some tips and assurance.  Please.

Maybe this is a good thing, though.  One down, and all.

But I find myself feeling bad for HC.  If she’s too much of a “woman,” she gets hammered as not sufficiently macho and mean enough to Kill The Brown People.  If she’s too tough, she gets hammered as a cold and calculating bitch.  The tightrope she has to walk is unfair, silly, and deeply ingrained in the psyche of the entire fucking planet, not in the least because all major religions are patriarchal, some absurdly so.

All this against the backdrop of saying anything negative about an “articulate, intelligent” basketball-loving African-American since that means pretty much a campaign death blow in terms of your Media Man coverage.

In any case, I’m willing to call this “progress.”  If Obama wins, and turns out to be a Republican appeaser of epic proportions, we’ll probably put at least one stereotype to rest.

And if Hillary can manage to avoid demonizing even more of the electorate than she already has, she’ll likely get another chance.

As I recently told a couple of women at work, I favor an entirely women-dominated Power Structure.  Because after they have messed things up as bad as men have, only then will we have achieved equality.

I’ll vote for either of them most happily.  I would prefer a candidate with some respect for the Constitution, but that fantasy has gone the way of me charming Joan Severance into the sack.

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