May 2006

Your tax dollars and morality police in action.  I'll bet some of you really thought Richard Pryor was funny.  Not so the FBI, funded by you.

I'll also guess that many of you believe The Man has your fundamental best interests at heart.  Jesus.  How many times does this need to be repeated in history for people to catch on?  Sometimes this view comes with a deeper understanding that, like a professional athlete, you'll pretty much always have a job as long as you can do one well.  Or you can live on less.  Conversely, if you suck, the best you can do may not be good enough.  Think, "George Bush."

Of course there are choices.  This does not matter.  Sooner or later an unchecked Man will come for you, as we limit choice.  This is what Power (The Man) does, what our Founding Fathers recognized as true, yet STILL, for all their wisdom, couldn't anticipate:  The convergence of money, single-party-rule, and electoral apathy.  But God bless 'em for trying.

The Man HATES dissenters.  The "New Left?"  How is that different from, "Jews?"  How is that not worse than Jews, since/because at least we could pick out the Jews scientifically.  Oh yeah, science is out, too!

Jesus, don't you think that is a rather broad interpretation of someone you need to devote crime-preventing tax dollar resources to?  For Christ's sake!

But, digressing as usual, it is the earlier stuff in this post, particularly the memo, President Cheney's comments, and not Richard Pryor, which should make you think about what your government has become.  And has been before.

The Man is running wild, not just here but all over the world.

(Update, May 31:  "…to whom you need devote tax dollar resources."  F**k that; I was in a hurry and mad.)

…and analysis in this post, which serves as another welcome aboard to the blogroll!  I loved it, but I'm a sucker for smart women.

I would like to note that I personally have offered up my own life, or at least a higher risk of losing it, some time ago in this post.  So I fully agree with Taylor that the War on Terror is for girlie-men.

"We can't comment on an ongoing investigation," which the military laid on us today w/r/t the Haditha massacre.  Alleged Haditha massacre, except that the military itself has pretty much come out and said it has a distinct massacre-esque feel and smell to it.

Ah, yes, the glory of war. 

All President's have their legacy quotes.

…The Rude Pundit.  He speaks for me.  LOL.

Pretending that "bad" is always "bad" to the same degree and that "how bad" doesn't matter is really the stuff of morons.  The world does not operate in black and white.  Unless you're a simpleton.

Introducing your Republican Party!

Once again, Digby gets it right.  It's a false construct, invented by people whose insane desire for power created for them an excuse to seize it (power) from the rest of us.

And he's REALLY right in that those of us of a certain age, perhaps including "1," are going to be picking up the pieces of this moronic false choice and subsequent stupid strategy for "winning" whatever it is they imagine the GWOT to be for decades to come. 

The Man can only be fought asymetrically, not unlike how the netroots is currently fighting American Political Man.  Hate and hopelessness and God/ideology are the roots of terrorism…anything other than chopping the tree down at those roots is merely pruning the branches of the problem.  It will take a long time.

And more of the world hates us than at any time in my life. 

Turns out Uncle Sam seems to be playing some propoganda games on you, showing you pre-packaged rah-rah stuff as real live "news reports."  They're playing you.  (Thanks to HuffPo.)

With this bunch in charge, who would've ever thunk it?  And why wouldn't Big Business get in on the game, too?  It works.  That's why.  It seeps in to X% (I would suggest that X is high) of the public's consciousness as "fact."  Look, an Iraqi-American thanking Bush AND, more importantly, us!  It's called, "advertising," or sometimes, "marketing." 

Think of those Joe Isuzu commercials several years ago and reflect that even back then, openly presenting yourself as a total liar made for great advertising made for successful and profitable ads, reflect then on the honesty-bar-level in the world of "truthful" advertising.  And consider what happens when you're government goes a little too far in selling you truth.  Or read 1984 again.  It doesn't happen overnight, folks.

Large majorities of Iraqis want us out.  Here, too.  In both cases, The Man is not representing the people; I don't see how this can be disputed.  But The Man always thinks he's right, by virtue of His Wisdom and Education and Vision and Manlihood.  Often He is.  That's partially how they used to get to be The Man.  Now they get there by being born well, and having tons of money, both of which synergize into starting early in The Man Club.

The Man's aura of infallibility pretty naturally becomes assimilated on the personal level by years of being told what a genius He is, and having sychophantic pussies as your inner circle for decades. 

Before too long, us little people need to get our "truth" in the form of candy-wrapped packages from our Corporate and Governmental Men.

Beware The Man. 


For you youngsters, google "My Lai."  Or just go here.

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