Creepily relatable.

I would be the guy who had nothing really good to do the last three weeks of the planet. S’pose I’d spend a lot of quality dog time.

Most normal people wouldn’t get it (the movie). “Boring.” “Ponderous.” I thought it was sweet.

I’m a “natural” baseball fan, or certainly was for my first 40 years on the planet, but I’ve only watched “The Natural” maybe twice in my life from start to finish. This third-or-so viewing is the first time I ever watched it as a film critic.

It’s a helluva well crafted movie, right down to the details. Lots of great actors strutting their stuff in truly radiant fashion. Snappy, period-appropriate (though I’m not qualified to say) and game-appropriate (qualified to say) dialogue, pretty (as in lovely, not almost) cinematographically symbolic and period-esque, thematically consistent, moral, simple, good vs. evil explored thoroughly, truly “heroic” (it’s a movie), etc.

A deserved classic.

The scenes between the psychiatrist-in-training and the protagonist were great, and the Rogan-protagonist scenes had some laughs, but it didn’t move me like I thought it might, and I didn’t like the mom or the gf (which I don’t think was the idea, ultimately). ¬†Perhaps it will have more meaning for me when I’m diagnosed.

Basically fright-fetish-porn to me. Up there with my worst nightmares. If being stranded in the middle of a life-force more powerful than you can imagine with predators about scares you, you’ll like the film, provided you like to be frightened. You might also like it if (you like to be frightened, let’s call that a constant for being able to enjoy the movie) being eaten alive rather slowly strikes you as a bad way to go.

I liked it. I like portraits of sociopaths. I could see how some thought it was overdone, but I thought it was queerly touching. Poignant, even. Quirky weirdness in terms of feel and point.

Not the greatest movie ever or anything, just unjustifiably panned IMO.

That Nazi stuff never gets old.

Beautifully done, with first rate acting and a pretty darned intricate plot. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I can’t ever imagine that much fucking with a carefully draped silky wrap of some kind covering up the naughty bits as even remotely realistic. Plus, the dialogue.

Too bad. I like both principal’s just fine. But the movie is a deserved entry on Air Force One priority into the rental bin of life.

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