May 2008

He’s not going to fall for the standard playbook of “Democrats are girls, only the Republicans can protect you,” that is clear.

This may be just a weird, self-congratulatory observation on my part, but I think my experience playing basketball in downtown Chicago gives me a little perspective on how Obama will play the game of politics. I’ve seen plenty of evidence thus far to support my conclusion: Obama isn’t going to let anyone give him a lot of unnecessary shit, and when he gets dunked on, which will eventually happen from a tactical perspective, he’ll say “nice dunk” and try to kick your ass during the next series.

Thanks to Atrios. This is all true. Here are some quotes on the subject from the McCain campaign.

…with a wingnut colleague I really like a lot. He’s mostly what I call a “wallet Republican” since he is generally pro-environment, education, and all-around not insane, which is why I keep engaging him.

He thinks bloggers are completely monolithic lefty fucktards, because he’s a big fan of structure and authority, and thinks Walter Cronkite lives in the Corporate Media, for which no one his age can truly be blamed.

I found this post by Atrios very poignant. I’m probably alone. In any case, it inspired this e-mail to my old pal.

We’re just voters, and people who care about politics and media and their intersection. With computers.

Interesting. I can relate a little, having met Ezra myself in Chicago last summer (another elitist Ivy-League health care expert/wonk and also never shrill nor politically unrealistic) and exchanged personal e-mails with Garance F-R, journalist of some repute. And babe. Never met Kevin Bacon, but you can see clearly I’m only six degrees away. Dr. Black (Atrios) and I had a funny, 10 minute conversation last year. I told him at the outdoor bar at the McCormick Place hotel that I pictured him and all the “A-list” bloggers holed up in a little room someplace in the complex keeping away from us little people. He laughed and said, “No, this is it.” I also used the phrase, “the Neo of the internet,” and he had genuinely forgotten that it was his own quote.

It was hard to talk to him since he’s a Oxford PhD and famous, but I did OK. I doubt he’d remember me.

And this one is relevant to our current national problem.

And this one is just funny:

I think it our responsibility to persuade or at least move the “right” to the “reality.”

I’m tireless in this quest. I work in Corporate America.

Just read it.

And, thank you very much, Glenn. I bought your book, though I have to admit I’m too scared for my own mental health to read it. Yet.

Funny and insightful, from the always funny and insightful Jon Swift.

It sure is going to be interesting to see how far Hillary takes the argument Mr. Swift puts forward.

Being an unrelenting optimist about personal human nature, I think Hillary will get out after the primaries are over. Being also an abject cynic, if kind of an idealistic one, I know this may not be true.

The only thing I know for sure is that we’re going to know a lot more about Hillary Clinton the person, than we do now, come mid-June.

It isn’t anymore a great compliment that I would vote for her in a heartbeat, most notably because I would vote for an Australian Shepherd before I voted for “lower taxes, more war” McCain, but still, it hurts to lose respect for someone you once respected. If she gets out with class, and works as hard as she has for the nomination for someone else, I’ll likely respect her even more than I do now.

If that doesn’t happen, well, I don’t think she and Bill care about what I think. Nor should they. I am, after all, nobody. I’m just a white-collar worker with a blue-collar background who votes.


And worse, his mind!

One talking point we’ve heard over and over and over again is that “This doesn’t sound like the Scott I know.”

Uh, sure. He’s transmorgified into a lefty blogger.

Whatever. Spin as you will, Mr. 25%, and all the dead-enders who still think he’s doing a good job.

Mostly by revealing both the true nature of power, and the public’s gullibility at buying it.

What 9-11 changed was pretty much what Watergate changed. We now know our President is, again, a criminal. This time with much bigger consequences.

Taking the long view, it’s hard to argue we’re making progress as a country. Remember, the GOP got Nixon to resign.

Beware The Man. The Man gives not a shit about you, and I’m not just talking about Government Man.

Thanks for being a whore for your job, something most of us can understand, but at least coming clean in the end, which most of us only hope to be able to do.

This has got to be embarrassing if the Bushies are capable of experiencing the feeling of embarrassment, which is debatable, at least.

The original predictor of this was here, long ago. One of several money quotes:

But the contrast with Clinton is two-sided. As Joe Klein has so strongly captured him, Clinton was “the natural,” a leader with a genuine interest in the policy process who encouraged information-rich decision-making. Clinton was the policy-wonk-in-chief. The Clinton administration drowned in policy intellectuals and teemed with knowledgeable people interested in making government work. Every domestic issue drew multiple policy analyses that certainly weighted politics, media messages, legislative strategy, et cetera, but also strongly weighted policy-relevant information, stimulated substantive policy debate, and put a premium on policy knowledge. That is simply not Bush’s style. It fits not at all with his personal cum presidential character. The Bush West Wing is very nearly at the other end of this Clinton policy-making continuum.”

Scottie just confirmed everything DeLulio said, and he was even closer to the horror. The Press Secretary quite literally speaks for the Administration to whom they serve.


Update: Funny take, here.

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