March 2007

A year or two ago, I got in a whole big heap of trouble with my own Man when, at a “open and honest discussion” (fake advertising), I finally got the microphone in my hands at a building-wide Q&A after 10 minutes holding my hand in the air with a very innocent question, but then steadily rising irritability at what the local VP (at my corporation, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a VP) was saying about why we had to outsource more little people, and how “his bonus could be zero,”  and the theme and substance of my irritation at his explaining why we had to outsource more little people was, almost verbatim, “Executives overseas get far less compensation than American corporate officers.  Are we looking to outsource any of them?”

For good measure, I added, “And could you share with us the last year your bonus was 0?”

There was a large, audible *gasp* in the audience of a couple/few hundred, and VP man was a little bit pissed at me.  He answered lamely, but we’ve since made up because I find him a straight-shooting, smart human being, and hopefully he feels the same way about me.

Anyhoo, for two weeks, the little people thanked me and asked when my last day was, while The Man rallied around Himself and beat me to death about my “tone” and “attitude.”  In an environment of “open and honest discussion.”  It was sickening, physically and emotionally.

And here is a really good example of what I was talking about, except to our execs, this guy’s comp is embarrassingly puny.

In which a good analysis is made of Hillary’s “electability.”

I have said publicly that when it comes time to piss on the fire and call in the dogs, I’ll vote for Hillary.  Because I think she would be a very competent President, and since for the most part I respect her.  But there’s no way she gets my vote in the primary, because I don’t think she represents the level of change (though the “competence” thing will be fantastically refreshing) that is needed in American politics right now.

Also because I don’t see how it is a good idea to nominate someone who 40-45% of the electorate wouldn’t vote for with a gun pointed at their head, and who will attack her like rabid yard dogs with a lot of worn out, boring, pointedly unproductive crap. 

“Pull the trigger,” most of that group would say.

Instant electoral drama.  Which I think is very unnecessary at this particular time in American politics.  Any reasonably sane Democratic nominee would enjoy better odds.

Man, am I not going to enjoy a Guiliani-Clinton election.  Two authoritarians.  Tightens my sphincter in a big way just thinking about it.

This says a lot.

Read it.

My advanced condolences to Mr. Dowd, who is going to likely get the crap beaten out of him in the next few weeks, depending on how much he shows up with Media Man.

Thanks to HuffPo.

Update:  Why do I bother when there is Digby?  A lot more detail on our brave dissenter.  Not all of which is flattering.

This is why the blogosphere, both sides, think the media is despicable.

The weird thing is that even though the GOP has successfully branded the media as liberal, anyone who has ever worked in a giant corporation knows (or would, if they gave a shit) that is unlikely.  And this is the disconnect that the blogosphere connects. 

It’s a very large and important disconnect.

The last band I thought I was cool enough for despite my age.  I would still pay good dough for a good seat at a show, and I’d dance and laugh and bop and jam like nobody’s business.

I’m 48.  Everyone around me would think I was a cop.  I wouldn’t care.  Great band.

I know, I know, “nobody takes Rush ‘Oxycontin’ Limbaugh seriously.”

Except there is a problem.  Literally MILLIONS of voters do.

I have nothing more to add.  Read and weep.  And why not pass it along?  You, too, can make a difference in today’s world.

Facts?  Who needs ’em?

I know people who carry around these little devices that can pinpoint their position on the entire freaking planet to like, within a foot or two.  Just regular Average Joe’s.  I swear.

So why don’t I know where the British ship really was?  I’m a news junkie.  Sure, my tendency is to trust the Brits on this one, since there seems to be a dispute, but why hasn’t the international media gone public with a precise location, when anyone with a Garmin could do it?  Is the precise location of the British ship somehow indeterminate?

I don’t think so.  Give me a fucking map, Media Man.  Is that too much to ask?

It’s all so disconcerting and odd.  A paranoid person could get the impression that Media Man didn’t want us to know, because the tension is good for ratings.

Despite the shit stain this Administration put on his death.

What a surprise.  Someone at the WH either buried on purpose or stupidly didn’t pass along a General’s warning.

How can this be a political winner?  How might this hurt us politically?  After 6 years of no other serious consideration, we are stuck where we are now.

Truly, truly shameful.  Beware The Man.

I’ve never really understood why the sex lives of any politicians are worthy of discussion, given how weird and personal most people’s sex lives are (not mine, of course), while at the same time the people who are paid to talk about our politician’s sex lives own sex lives are out of bounds.  Strange, especially when you consider the Clinton’s, whose sex lives have been scrutinized at a level heretofore unknown in the history of Mankind.

Christ, Chris Matthews spends so much time on Bill’s wanker you’d think he’d pay for video, happily.  Or at least a plaster cast.  Think of the charitable auction possibilities!

Right about now, it isn’t hard for me to picture Matthews waving his auction card like he’s trying to flag down a motorist to save his wife and kids’ lives.

Anyway, I remember the shock I felt learning Mrs. Alan Greenspan had been influencing my opinion for years without me knowing.  Color me weird, but that just seems conflict of interest-y. 

And now, another woman I’ve always thought was lovely and smart is outed, and another one bites the dust in terms of my respect for her.  C’mon, Margaret, how about it?  Did you do Fred Thompson, and is the post-coital warmth still lingering when you say things like this?

Because like it or not, it DOES make a bit of a difference.

Update:  In a moment of instant karmic kismetism, LGM earns a spot on my blogroll.  Which I suppose is not all that great for them, but still.  Great, smart, funny blog.

If there’s one thing that makes me want to pull the underwear out of the guy’s pants until his nuts are split far apart, it’s when he starts talking about the opposition “playing politics.”  Which is what he’s doing with regard to Congress daring to opine with the little people they represent.

Playing politics is arguably the only thing his Administration has been even remotely competent with, given that’s all they’ve cared about (Christ, he DID get elected twice), but as luck would have it, lying for 6 years even calls that into question in the environment of an actual opposition party.

OK, two things.  When he or his minions question my patriotism is the other one.  But that one makes me less desirous of tying his underwear band around his neck than it does telling him to his face he’s the worst President we’ve ever had by a mile, and that he works for me.  Somehow, I think that would get his back hair up.  He’s a frat-boy rich-kid who has had everything in his entire life given to him, including respect.

Never had to earn nuthin’.  And if anyone came name one thing he’s earned, I’m all ears.

Yeah, it would cost me dearly, but at this point it is almost worth considering.

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