July 2011

…from the outside of circumstances and events, looking in.

17 clean ones under Reagan, 7 under Bush. NearBetter than annually.

I wonder what it is about this President that’s different? Or did we reach some limit no one was aware of?

I really, really want the rich to pay more, because it was the rich that created this mess we’re in. Of both parties. The one thing they all have in common is money.

Ergo, I think the GOP is being a real ass about this.

I love when John Cole holds back.

This about sums it up for me, that’s for sure.

Update: Find me a voting block on the left like this. And it has to add up to 27%.

Or, great Jeebus dear FSM in the Sky!

These same people passed 7 debt limit increases under Bush the Lesser without a peep.

Great big brass ones is what they have. Too bad the GOP doesn’t understand the information age.

There isn’t much more you can do short of getting down on your knees and giving J. Boehner a BJ, which would be terribly unseemly on several levels, the metaphoric one you’re approaching, just so you know.

Time to man up, as someone maybe even the kids say. Whip out the ol’ veto pen if you don’t get the people who fucked up the place in the first place to cough up.

And then run on it. It really is that simple. Forget trying to do the right thing because you’re negotiating with people who have less to lose than you care about where doing the right thing is concerned.

It’s about time I see the inner basketball player, and I think it’s a political winner. You’re showing signs judging from today’s presser…my advice would be to keep it up.