July 2007

…would someone besides us political junkies please pass her brilliance around?

Damn.  What a genius; what a wonder; what a great human being and fantastic writer.

Anyone who considers themselves “newsworthy” by reading major op-eds is a moron unless they read Digby, too.

History will judge her, and she’s going to do awfully well.  Joe Lieberman is going to look like the tool he has become in comparison to the Great and Wonderous Digby.

History tends to be fairly rational, despite being written by the winners.  To which I have to say, how can the folks with car bombs and theological politics possibly “win” in America, if we simply don’t let them?

God, we live in frightening times.

“B” for, “Beta Male.”

The Man Arlen has talked so much smack about being a member of an equal branch of government that his non-actions reveal him to be the quintessential beta male.  Time and time again, he talks the talk, but then goes to bed or cowers under it during the walk.  I like him personally; he seems to get it, but he has embarrassed himself to me, as I view him intelligent enough to see what the damage his own Administration is doing to his country.  And he has some firepower, respect and seniority-wise.

Beta males are defined by fear.  What will happen to me if I do X?, the beta male is constantly asking himself.  What are the ramifications of defying all those alphas I blow every day?

You would think given his health battles and his overall decency he would bow to a sense of outrage and freedom from moron leaders that is every American’s birthright.

Nah.  Gotta be afraid.  Just not Man enough.

Can you say, toothless tiger?  I can.

Step it up, Arlen.  You’ll be remembered in history as someone sane if you do.

The man is going to rot in hell if he believes there is one.  He’s a chronic chickenhawk bedwetting liar, and he chose himself as VP in 1999 because he knew Jr. didn’t have the brains for the job.  Dick has always preferred working behind the scenes.  I don’t need anyone to argue with me about this, because I know it to be the case.

I KNOW he was the one behind the now infamous sickbed visit to that known crazy liberal, John Ashcroft, to sign on to some illegal stuff.  Bush wouldn’t have been paying enough attention, nor would he have understood the details well enough to bother.  That’s what VP’s are for.

Can I prove any of it?  Of course not.  I’m just a very concerned and embarrassed citizen.  But my momma didn’t raise no idiot, and I DO understand people, their motivations, and their inclinations in a very deep and spiritual way.

Dick Cheney is a very, very bad human being.  My worst nightmare is a premature death for the VP, after which he will of course be sainted, a la Nixon, since I want him to see the seeds he has sown.  I want him to witness the rath towards our country he has enabled.  I want him to understand how his 5-deferment chickenshititis caused this fabulous country so much pain.  He’ll never be frog-marched to prison like he should be, since he is The Man, personified, but he can and should live with the outcomes of his personal freakiness and power-madness.

Long live Dick Cheney.  And by the way, why do you hate your daughter and everything she (secretly) believes in?

But haven’t in several years.  I just needed to learn what a liar he was.

And I don’t care about his sex life one iota.  I care that he is the self-proclaimed King of Right v. Wrong, and that most of his listeners and viewers wouldn’t be listening or viewing if they knew the things the good Dr. at Eschaton has been posting today (read up for an insightful series), which are indeed pricelessly funny in light of Bill’s bullying hypocritical nature.  Sadly, his listeners and viewers are just too plain stupid.

What.  An.  Asshole.

The good news is that if BillO’s religious convictions are accurate, he’s gonna have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.  The bad news is that all he has to do is apologize.

I hope he’s in for a reincarnation as a jackal, personally.  Seems about right.

Update:  As usual, The Rude Pundit does it much, much better.  BillO is a psycho, and it is a lovely testament to American intelligence and culture that he’s a multi-millionaire.

Just make it clean, Mr. Sniper. 

Do NOT, repeat, not try to keep up with the youngsters in a wedding party at their fun and games when said wedding party is filled with several very large humans who are also law enforcement officials.  Work hard, play hard.

On Thursday I tried it and wound up sleeping on the garage floor (instead of the comfy bed/couch offered me) because this new couple doesn’t let the dogs in the house, and after playing with them (the dogs) for a while (I’ve met them both before, one several times; GREAT dogs) it just struck me as the right thing to do after getting the sad-dog eyes they gave me when I went to retire to the comfort of air conditioning and padding.  I pulled their dog-beds together, and they loved it, licking my head for a good solid 10-15 minutes before curling up to me as tight as they could and going to sleep.  A woman would’ve been better, but only barely.  Dogs are God’s gift to Man for understanding the nature of unconditional love.

On Friday I was smart enough to lie low, reading a book, hydrating, and keeping company pretty much with myself.

Saturday was the wedding.  Not much choice there.

I felt like I needed an ambulance just on principle on Sunday, even though the 35 double-burgers the groom went out and got when the hotel bar closed killed the hangover fine.  I was just tired, but I was REALLY tired.

A great time was had by all.  All the best to the handsome groom and (truly, head-snappingly) lovely bride.

My dad is wearing the groom’s mother’s kidney, and she grew and built and operated a Senior Center over 20+ years that is first class.  She’s a true Saint, I’m serious, and needless to say, I am VERY fond of her.  Her retirement party was a testament to her Sainthood; Sr. after Sr. hobbling up to the microphone to tell her how much they loved her.  It was touching and humbling and wonderful.  Aunt Nancy, I love you very much.

Her husband and sons are great folks, too.  She’s one of the finest human beings I have ever met, and that anyone will ever meet.  Her soul is radiant and spectacular.  Not only that, or maybe because of that, she has the gift of laughter and patience and fun that few can match.  Word has it one of the young huge groomsmen were jumping up and down on their bed, mooning she and Uncle Bob after the bar closed on Thursday, when poor ol’ Uncle Bob tried to get them from racing up and down through the hotel.

Would that everyone had the family I do. 

…one A. Gonzalez is a lying toady of epic proportions.  If he’s the Chief law enforcement officer of this country, I’m God.

It will take a long time to recover from this horror, if we ever can.  The Bush Admin may mark the death of American superiority.

I’m out in Denver for a family wedding, but that’s only half (at most) the fun.

I have some serious loved ones out here who are not technically family, and the love and kindness and warm fuzzies they provide me is food for my soul.  I love them all, as crazy and idiosyncratic as most of them are.  Some of them are so talented and brilliant they are highly Googlable.

The people are the best part of life.  Find those you love and keep them.  It is a key to a happy life.

These people are amazing; good citizens, good stewards of the planet, good parents, good humans, period, across the board, end of story.

My heart glows when I am with them.  So, just for posterity’s sake, I would like to thank B&M, J&L, J, all their wonderful, artistic, individual kids, for their kindness and hospitality and just plain decency, smarts, and care.

I love you all.

(OK, duh.)

To a great big degree.  Listening to the national media now is as enlightening as listening to rich people tell you they deserve lower taxes in the finite pie that is national revenue. 

Oh, wait!  How much to our Media Stars make?  Could it maybe be above the $45K median income in this country?

You have to put this stuff in context, folks.

Always read FDL and Digby.  And if you don’t believe what they’re saying, follow the damn links.

…until I meet (hopefully) my 6 periodic readers at YKos.

In the meantime, read my blogroll and learn something once in a while about your country going down the crapper.  Especially if you have children.  That may make a difference.

If Bush/Cheney don’t get impeached, or at least legally hassled post-office holding, there should never again be an impeachment in this country given the GOP standards for impeaching Clinton.

Here’s (another!) nice little example of the Constitution being used as toilet paper.

Could it be because he’s never interacted or even known anyone who had to worry about the cost of a Dr. visit?

Thank you, LGM.  This post is educational, and accurate, and necessary.  I wish more people saw it with my help.

Christ, Orrin F. Hatch co-sponsored the damn bill!  How crazy liberal could it have been?

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