May 2011

I hope you have a somber moment in all the fun today.

This should help: Written by a dirty liberal at a rag called, “The American Conservative.” A.k.a (the post, not the rag) a good example of my grandfather’s political conservatism.

Hat tip to Balloon Juice. I’m down to like 5 blogs, and BJ is still #1.

Having had a recent (several months ago) and quite infrequent and unusual situation in which I was given the impression a smart, strong, kind, pretty, sensible, practical woman thought I was all that and vice versa for me, I concluded that I sort of liked it. So after she dumped me I decided to get back out there.

Gonna swing and miss a lot. But you can’t win if you don’t play.

Stage mother damaged young dancer gets the paranoid delusions after landing a big role and kills self quite dramatically. I’m pretty sure at least. (That she really killed herself. The rest I’m sure of.)

It was “psychological” drama.

It was artful but underwhelming for me. Two thumbs yawning even in retrospect.

Another media vomit of rich powerful men acting like alpha males. *yawn*

I’ve got to hand it to the Newtster: He sure knows how to put a sex scandal behind him.

Practice makes perfect. And grifters and rubes will always be with us.

…all the women who have ever broken my heart.

It’s because they had it.

Gee, what a shocker that the Bulls would be better if DRose passed the ball more.

It might even occur to all of them, I’m talking to you, coach, that they’re actually really good and maybe even better when DRose shoots only 15-20 time as opposed to his usual 25-30. Deng is money with a good shot inside 20, Boozer is a consummate pro in a slump; WAAA-Keem is Dennis Rodman with a good attitude, and the rest of the Bulls are interchangeable and good, which is why the bench kicks ass.

This stuff is oddly not hard to see.

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