October 2011

Stop the Raping

Class warfare is pitchforks and torches, not a return to Clinton tax-rates.

You people would’ve thought Eisenhower was a hippy.

Wait until one of us gets shot.

Remember Kent State.

Yo, police, we’re on YOUR side.

People in deep shit will come after people like the 1%, history says.

The opposite 1% hopes you die, and soon.

We come in peace for now.

The Democrats are complete morons for not out-flanking the GOP on tax reform, which in my opinion involves a complete overhaul.

All evil is rooted in the tax code, from offshore tax breaks to infinity.

First one I’ve bothered with.

Rick Santorum is a douche. Ron Paul is consistent, if loony. Rick Perry is an empty suit. Mitt Romney is a professional candidate. Newt Gingrich can suck my dick on all kinds of issues. Michele Bachmann is a lunatic.

Ladies and gentleman, your Republican field.

Free market! Science! (We’re talking about where to dispose of our nuclear waste, the most pressing issue of our times.)

Foreclosure! Santorum: TARP sucked! Perry: Fuck you! Perry: Regulations suck! And I’ll prove it! Santorum: Fuck you! Nice master debating. Romney: The free market rules! Cain: I supported TARP, but Obama screwed the pooch. Get government out of the way! Bachmann: Bargletti blargh blargh blargh…losing nest, husbands suck, woman losing houses, I love women losing houses, Obama is a failure, I’ll go all socialism and we’ll create jobs and nobody will lose their house.

OWS! Cain says it’s all your fault you’re not rich. Paul says don’t blame the victims, and then does. Comes across as a populist.

Ron Paul’s suit doesn’t fit all that well.

[Ed: I hate these people, though not personally.]

I can’t stand it, and I’m out. Sorry about the short live debating, you two readers.

I’ve never watched an episode until quite recently when Comedy Central decided to run it from the beginning. (I think.)

It’s a very funny show, and Alec Baldwin is a very funny guy, but it’s actually difficult for me to get past Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) as an awkward nerdy physically insecure person, probably because Tina Fey is my idea of a totally awesome female human being.

America in 50 years on its current trajectory. Only we won’t have a heroic savior. But I hope we do.

All in all, a thoughtful, literate, interesting movie with serious questions about Machiavelli-ism raised. I liked it a lot. It holds up quite well.

(Yes, I’m years behind.)

What the #occupywallst movement represents is that people are finally getting hip to the scam that is Wall St.

Most Americans are sympathetic and supportive. Especially this one.

It appears the stupid is bottomless, but what really made me laugh was how many votes he is going to get.

Funny take here, too.

Shoulda got in on this “politics” con.

Andrew argues that the occupy Wall St. folks aren’t going away, and even agrees to cough his fair share up in what I consider an accurate analysis.

I fear, however, that The Man has already consolidated too much power. The protestors will be worn out by the unending barrage of anti-protest spin from our Corporate Millionaire whores in the mainstream media, surely knowing who butters their bread, as it were; bereft as the OWS folks are of their own corporate media channel; winter, and most of all, an inability to move the chains within the attention span of your average American, as we say in (American) football. There are new TV shows to watch.

I just don’t see a happy ending here, w/r/t the OWS movement, or the country at large. We’ll be in gated, moated, heavily guarded communities first, at least the few who can afford it will. The rest of us will be “free market.” Free range. Free agent. IOW, with lots of time on our hands.

Security services seem like a very good long term investment to me.

Dear “Constitutionalists,”

When you say something so patently stupid and inappropriate you get fired for it, and a bunch of people exercise their free-speech rights to call you a moron and worse for it, it doesn’t mean your constitutional right to free speech is being violated. (That last bit there crying out desperately for an all-cap.)

The Hank Williams thing is actually a beautiful example of free speech in action, just as is OccupyWallSt.

One of the downsides of our technological and e-social revolution is that you get The Stupid waved in your face every day if you’re trying to pay any attention at all to anything communal.

I want to be there. And where are the stupid tea partiers?

Update: Go here and be heard.