September 2006

…he of hitting on young men fame, have to say about Monicagate?  God bless Atta J., and the internet in general.

At least Monica was of the age of consent.

Read his next post too, if you want to see how creepy it really gets.

Congressman Foley resigns rather suddenly in the wake of flirting with 16 year old boys.  Gee, think there was anything else out there that made him think the deny, deny, OK, I’m not perfect, elect-me-anyway SOP won’t work?

What a bunch of morons.  And as anyone who knows me will tell you, I don’t give a SHIT about a person’s (consensual) sexual orientation.

Funny, as usual, and right on as is also typical.

We’re about to throw some pretty basic tenets of who we are as a country out the window.  And The Man has made it so everyone is too busy to even notice, much less care.

We are a selfish nation.

God, I so love this woman.

You can watch and judge for yourself from this post.  What would Jesus do?

Jane, c’mon, give an Average Joe a chance.  LOL.

Apparently, he got some white powder in his snail-mail.  Funny?  Some think so. 

Not me, though.  Speaking truth to power is dangerous business, indeed.

…for my 15 readers.

The Rude Pundit weighs in on Evil.  How could anyone with even a grade school education not see that this is true?

Brought to you by your good Christians in charge of national policy.

How about making a phone call, or writing a letter?  That is assuming, of course, that you like the ol’ Golden Rule.

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