November 2015

Another in my new series, “Thoughts I wish I could share with an actual audience on FB but can’t because of FB culture and my relationship with FB culture.”

Regarding Paris it seems like if I was the POTUS I would consider this a good time to convene European and Middle Eastern leaders (the sane ones) and encourage them to band together WWII-style to wipe out the latest in a forever-line of Invisible Sky Wizard psychopaths and sociopaths in a massive and brutal way—for now the revenge gene is strong in me—except with a brand new twist. We’re not playing on the ground any more than we already are. Sure, we’ll help coordinate and cooperate in every way possible, but ISIS doesn’t threaten us, fuckers, they don’t have an air force or navy, only a fucked up idea, and this idea is a known toxin, check your fucking history books, and it needs to be eliminated from the ground up, and that requires yet another fucking bloody war over magical thinking, so welcome to the 21st Century. America is not your daddy to whom you can whine and beg every time a new bully shows up in the neighborhood.

“Let us usher in an unprecedented new era,” I would announce, “where Jews and Muslims, Catholics and Protestants, Russians and Germans, Turks and Kurds, Indians and Pakistanis, Japanese and Chinese, you get the idea, band together and bond together to open up a giant can of whoop-ass on these 7th Century pests and assholes.”

I guess I’m glad I’m not POTUS, because that isn’t going to happen. Obama just might know what I know, it’s another bankrupt ideology that will burn itself out in the end, represents no existential threat to America, and provides a perfect opportunity for at minimum the State Department at all those diplomatic cocktail parties the world’s diplomats attend a lot to start dropping the novel concept that this particular problem is a lot more yours than ours, we’ll talk more when the shit starts going down here, and if you all agreed to get it together militarily for about 5 years the problem could effectively be eliminated for everybody at least until the next band of ISW folks collect like so many malignant tumors on the buttholes of the world where they can thrive in a lack of education and poverty and, well, magical thinking. (Sorry, Christians, you pulled all this shit too once upon a time on the same scale and still do when you count abortion-clinic and church massacres. ISW people are all one in the same to me in that they lie on the same axis of, well, believing in fucking magic.)

Sure glad Obama is the one with his hands on the wheel. History is going to judge him very, very kindly overall. He’s a rational decent thoughtful man, which inexplicably makes conservatives bug-eyed stupid with rage.  They are invited to imagine if they can the things Donald Trump or Ben Carson or Ted Cruz, all people of obvious personality disorder and proud magical thinkers themselves might say or do.

Update:  Also, happy to let Pierce speak for me in terms of real-world approaches to a very complicated problem.

I wish I could put this kind of thing up on FB but it is too lamely dominated for anything like this.  If anyone wants to share it I hereby grant permission, just don’t say where you got it:

It’s Veteran’s Day and that means a whole bunch of FB posts thanking our deified military people. I object on propaganda grounds (Yay, military-industrial complex!) to these proud pointless public “look at my patriotism!” declarations and would strongly prefer people actually cast votes and applied pressure, whether it be through social media or more traditional political channels, to make the actual lives of our soldiers better instead of the ritual “thank you’s!” which don’t you know put food or medicine on the tables or roofs over heads. So voluntarily accepting the chance to die on my behalf includes (for me) a lifetime’s worth of economic security. Free school, free health care, free places to live, at least enough to keep them all fed, housed and if necessary treated, and last but not least, keeping them out of harm’s way in the fucking first place by trying to understand that it isn’t Team America World Police out there. It’s the only area of government the fucking GOP NEVER proposes we shrink, and that’s a common characteristic of every Empire ever in the Empire graveyard, which is all of them except us. Yet. The baddest military on the planet, the means with which the Empire was built in the first place. It has never lasted and won’t again, and military strength is fool’s gold in the first place once you have achieved the ability to wipe literally everyone off the map. The country would be much stronger and secure for the long haul if it was more comprehensively educated, fed, housed, healthy, self-powered, secure and infra-structurally the envy of the world and not such an international busy-body and bully. (Nobody is pissed off at Canada.)

Remaining a cool place to visit while the rest of the world passes us by on cool stuff for little people like Supertrains or at least cheap modern power and information grids and safe functioning schools, roads, sewers and bridges might be goals worthy of consideration. “Inner-strength” and “leading by example” and “couldn’t we choose butter over guns some of the time?” and all those old cliches imply. But no. Instead we have to act like we’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, another Empire characteristic that grates on the rest of the world over time. The modern GOP wants to let the place (the U.S. and on climate change on some level the rest of the world) devolve into a shoot-‘em-up (guns) dog-eat-dog (economics) overpopulated (abortion) ghetto (economics and education) with a big swinging military dick, largely because the modern GOP can afford its own private security, transportation, schools, safe clandestine abortions performed by one of their Dr. friends, you name it the list is endless and, like me, the modern GOP never ventures outside the bubble of its own wildly cozy existence behind metaphorical moats or from metaphorical towers and, unlike me, is filled with people that think swinging their dicks around is the natural order of things. (Also because right-wing Jesus, but don’t ask me to explain that.)