And I have this brilliant idea on how the Pentagon could save .000001% of their budget.

Thanks to Andrew, though he is pissing me off royally these days. It gives him a sadz that there is talk of raising taxes on the wealthy, because us rabble don’t acknowledge “most” of them got rich through their own hard work, as if they wouldn’t still be wealthy with the tax increases being bandied about, and as if the rich weren’t the ones who fucked things up for the rest of us in the first place. Cough up, Andrew.

Andrew was a big cheerleader of Iraq 2. And what a fine expenditure of resources that turned out to be. (He has since apologized and admitted in spades he was wrong, which is why I keep reading the poor rich gay Catholic tortured thoughtful soul. That, and posts like the one linked above.)


Here, and here.

The Andrew Sullivan/James Joyner vs. DougJ and John Cole debate (linked above) strikes me as very important to discuss at this particular point in our history. And at least Joyner and Cole/DougJ take comments.

We need to reduce defense by about 25%, raise taxes on the rich, means test safety net programs, dramatically invest in infrastructure and alternate energy, and soon, or we are going to be sniffing China’s ass for the next 200 years, or until they get as stupid as we did, whichever comes first. And has any ex-#1 EVER reclaimed their status in the realm of geopolitics?

I don’t recall one. But I’m not an intellectual.

Strength comes from within.

From old media to new media. The Man resists, and water is wet.

Big stuff in the blogosphere today. But it has wider ramifications. If my personal opinions, cherry-picked, were published for all to see, it might be a pretty funny and biting collection, but that collection would not necessarily be appreciated by all. And if my livelihood was threatened by it, well, that would be a revenge-worthy offense, indeed.

Context. Shorter: Washington Post employee hired to cover the new Right gets forced out because someone leaked his private e-mail.

More context.

Kudos to Andrew for picking out the consensus on this one among sane people. By all accounts, the guy did a good job.

I’m a bit angry with the Catholic Church, not in small part because some of my best friends are Catholic, and the bizarre hold The Church holds over them is creating dissonance, and I’m talking about really good people, which is all part and parcel of the entire deal, I suppose.

Matt takes his shot. Do not anger a talented polemicist.

I just cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to be a member of a club whose leadership pulled the stuff they did over the length of time they did.

My problem is that maintaining your membership with the Catholic Church is morally wrong (yes, that means you, Andrew Sullivan), because they’ll only change their behavior when their members bolt, and their money stream dries up (more than it already has), and not before then. (If then, but that’s the best shot at change.)

Man up.

Cat v bear.

The best part might be the baby you can only hear, as Andrew points out.

Theory: The baby human is laughing because the bear is also a baby, the baby human had learned the cat, and knew nothing terrible would happen because the baby human knew what the baby bear was dealing with.

Sure, sure, but who really knows?

I’m a Dish reader, and I’m linking this via Andrew Sullivan, one of few vocal conservatives who’ve treated Sarah Palin appropriately.

It is highly disturbing to me that this woman has a fan base of people who want her with power.

Update: Unless you know you can get her to do what you want. I’m looking at you, Vice President Cheney and Infallibly Wrong Bill Kristol.

Update: And now the inevitable has struck: She has a gig with FOX “News.” I won’t watch it, but I’ll sure pay attention to her special brand of “common sense,” which doesn’t require eddiecation or no book learnin’ when she pulls some of her special common sensin’, on the blogs. In some ways, I can’t wait. In others, it’s the end of the world.

Update 2: I’m really regretting these days not devoting my life to the con game. The “legitimate” one that Sarah plays. “Serious discourse” and all. I coulda been a contenda!

From Andrew Sullivan, a beautiful old watch’s internal workings, set to Floyd’s “Time.”

We now know that vertebrate Democrats are not completely extinct. That at least one can bray emotionally and sharply with the best of the Republicans. One of the great speeches I’ve ever seen. If I ever got elected, you’d see more of this. I’m better verbally, and I’m not fond of The Man. (Tip o’ the cap to DKos and Jed Lewison specifically.)

I hope this one has already been seen by everyone, but I doubt that’s true, so I’ll pass it along to another 10. Wanna feel very, very and excellently tiny?