You had me and then you lost me.

With a fairly serious amount of debt and budget deficit, it is NOT sanctimonious or purist to suggest that the rich people who got us into this mess should have to cough up to get us out. That’s simply justice.

So, with all due respect to the office, Sir, fuck you.

To your credit, you did pretty good with the crappy cards you dealt yourself. The American public is a moron. And you still have time to get me back, and I’d still vote for you now against all the GOP candidates named to date, but I won’t be happy about it, which is a big change from ’08.

You are enabling a plutocracy. Heckuva job.


Update: Well, I finally watched the presser, and dammit, he’s right again. The tax cuts for zillionaires ARE the Holy Grail for the GOP, and he’s right that it’s not a bad deal save that. I’ll say this about the man: Any complaints that he’s a communist socialist Muslim are just stupid. The man is a major league pragmatist.

Nicely demonstrated by Josh.

Hell, it’s so short I’ll just give you the whole thing:

It looks like Fox has created the perfect interview show vehicle for Sarah Palin. An interview show based around her interviews with people she’s never interviewed.”

The actual story is hilarious, too.

(I apologize if this is bad blog etiquette. (But still don’t care.))

This dude cracks me up.

You know what they say about people who are made REALLY uncomfortable by homosexuality…

Son, just go suck a dick and see if you like it. It will save everyone a lot of trouble, including you.

Except for the other people hurt, I can relate to the motives if not the method of the airplane-suicide in Austin.

Sooner or later, The Man becomes a bit too full of shit for some people. Not me, of course. Especially the hurt or dead strangers. You’ll see a lot more of this kind of thing in a 10% (conservatively) unemployment rate world.

Taking others out is just wrong. But if you compare it to this, you may be able to see it as I do.

Update: This is even worse: I think every terminally ill person with a political axe to grind should take themselves out on the Capitol steps. (Yes, this is very weird.)

Update: IOZ, as usual, says it way better than I could.

Thanks for the tip, Josh. Jaysus!!!!! Duh!

Stewart also, as usual, captured my sentiments concisely.

It will be perversely amusing to me if Brown beats Coakley in the MA Senate race.

The GOP electing Michael Steele as one of their leaders in this climate.

Dead man walking.