January 2009

Names changed to protect the guilty:

On Jan 30, 2009, at 9:13 AM, Ralph wrote:

Using scare tactics to push crap through congress that doesn’t address the real problems was a 700B mistake when Bush did it and now Obama/Pelosi are making an even bigger mistake.

If we actually had the money some of these programs may be worthwhile but now is not the time. The stimulus should only be for projects that can put the money to immediate use and hire people immediately. Like fix the infrastructure.

This is nothing more than borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia to pay for special interest pork! Politicians borrowing money we don’t have to pay off lobbyists. It’s making McCain’s idea to give relief directly to homeowners look good.

Go to http://www.nostimulus.com and sign the petition.



All right, Ralph, I’ll go along with you not because I agree it is a good idea, necessarily, but to play “politics” with you.

If I said OK, I agree to killing the bailouts, if we’d all stipulate that mega-gobs of bailout money have already funded several landscaping, personal-chef/exerciser, and housekeeping small businesses, would you take McCaskill’s proposal tonight to limit max comp to a paltry $400K to any person in a company who has received any public funds, no matter when it happened, in exchange? These fuckers are paying RETENTION BONUSES to the same morons who crashed the bus. And these same people are wapping us in the face with their wanks, Ralph, you and me both, laughing their asses of all the way to the fucking golden parachute bank.

There aren’t even 20% of conservative economists who don’t understand we’re down to our last bullet. Plus, I’m not, and neither are you, Ralph, going to be fixing any potholes I’m slaloming past right now on every road in the world, repairing any bridges, bringing broadband nation-wide, and greening the economy with that fucking tax cut Republicans seem to think is the solution to every problem from losing your car keys to building high-speed rail networks. (a.k.a., Supertrains.)

Wealth spreading is a real deal, no matter who is in charge. Life, and its twin, politics, is all about deciding where it gets spread. Trickle up economics is finally getting people pissed off.

Beware The Man. That crazy motherfucking Communist, President and General Eisenhower warned us…


I hate these phony motherfuckers.

I saw an informal, unscientific CNN poll today about limiting comp to individuals in companies receiving federal money was 92%-8% in favor, after about 125,000 votes. It ain’t THAT unscientific.

Pat Tillman, football stud, personal stud, military stud, hero, and symbol of all that went wrong in the last 8 years.

It would be fitting in a way if the Cards pulled one off.

Hat tip to Josh.

I’ve said for a long time that this kumbaya bullshit with people as stupidly craven as the current version of the modern Republican party is as effective as praying for winning lottery numbers.

Then I say to myself, “Self, he’s (Obama) been a step or two ahead of most for about two years now. Maybe we have a reminder of Clinton’s first budget vote coming, along with a nice little quip or speech about the economic strangulation we went through during the ’90’s.”

Update: Atrios as usual sums it up concisely.

And IOZ tells us in wonderfully spare terms why R.C. is so.

I stopped reading Mr. Cohen a few years ago, but I’m really glad others do.

Bloggers make more sense than Pundits because bloggers are not constricted by Villagespeak or any real influence and power.

Yet. The times they are a changin’. ThePeopleSpeak.

Will Obama *gasp* say that the State of the Union is not so good, sending thousands of Pundits into the vapors with weeks of subsequent pearl-clutching, along with wingnuttia going apoplectic?

I hope The President strikes the right balance, and speaks to us like adults. I got a VIP memo in corporate America where I work a couple days ago that needed an encryption key to decipher, and could’ve been said far more simply and well received with a concise, “Many of you will be without jobs, because it is in Our best interest. We’re going to do it anyway, no matter what you say, but we want you to know we’re considering the implications seriously.” And that would’ve been fine. We get it. We read stuff, see the signs, and understand the deal, especially when we’re forced to.

So far, Obama has done good on that score of speaking to us like we’re adults.

I was late to the party maybe 1/2 hour, 45 minutes, but when I got there I went hard.

I do believe we have elected a man who understands the times.


Both were and are beautiful. Atrios put less time and thought in to it, but still the sentiment is equally well done by Duncan as by Stewart. Some things are self-evident.

Spoiler alert: They’re both about terrorist superpowers.

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