November 2006

Keith Olbermann, surprisingly but blessedly, the Edwin R. Murrow of our times.

On Free Speech, on which I’m a bit of an absolutist

When I’m drunk, I like Newt.  But this is the stuff that makes me remember no matter how drunk I am, at heart Newt is a complete friggin’ moron. 

It is SO typical and symptomatic of the fake alpha-dog personality to behave like this.  While Dubya’s daughters cavort in South America to the point they are asked to leave, W. gets snotty with a guy who actually has a child who has lost some friends and comrades in Dubya’s weird war in Iraq.  Oedipal?  Anti-Clinton?  Messianic?  You make the call.  It doesn’t matter at this point.  People are dying and even tortured by the dozen.

And George Will, a person I respected until today, spins and lies about it for some reason only known to him.  Shameful and embarrassing, and reason number 50-zillion to read your pundits with a grain of salt.

I like this Webb guy, even though he’s ostensibly way right of me.  I wish he had bitch-slapped the POTUS like he wanted to, since it would have been such great TV, and because so many of us (I’ll bet Dad, too.) think he deserves it.  God knows if someone spoke to me like that while I had a child in harms way for this person’s fake war, punching him in the face would’ve seemed like small potatoes, and totally worth it compared to the ripping our George Will’s would’ve given me.

Thanks, Jim Webb, Senator-elect from VA.

We have fallen a long way, and it will take decades to get up.  Live with it.  And vote accordingly.

The endless drivel about how it wasn’t George W. Bush’s fault.  No, not the oncoming economic meltdown in the face of budgets that fake the Iraq War cost, roughly $8,000,000,000 a month; nor the staggering loss of prestige and pure political power we’ve lost in the world since this moron fell to the top; nor the divisive wedges he’s put between us normal Americans, who mostly just want to be left the fuck alone.

The mainstream media will enable this charade, and enough of the masses, who are asses, will buy it, and nobody will read deeper, like in this post here.

Jesus, please take these morons from my wonderful planet.  The rest of us will be all right.

Not on W’s watch, anyway.  He said it again today.  What “task” is that, exactly?  Ridding Iraq of Saddam?  Check.  WMD.  Check, and that was an easy one!  Spell it out for me, Dubya, as I am one of the unwashed masses who just doesn’t understand like you do.

Of course, he’s lied often, early, and recently.  “Rummy has a no-cut contract through Jan. 09!”  But I don’t think he can manage admitting failure in Iraq, because he’s now concerned about the ol’ legacy.  He and his dwindling band of supporters are just going to figure out a way to blame the Dems for the nightmare that is the Bush II Presidency.

One wonders what kind of situations Daddy will have to bail him out of when Dubya is just a private citizen again.  How embarrassing to have that done for you your entire life.  It must kill both W. and H.W.

Barbara just defends Jr.  He’s her son.  The mean one.  I would’ve paid thousands to be a fly on the wall of the Bush family Thanksgiving.

Anyway, Attaturk weighs in most coherently on the same subject, here.

Tentatively titled, “Institute For Democracy,” or some other such shit.

I think it is high time we had a contest for naming a George W. Bush “think tank.”  I haven’t put the full weight of my tiny brain to it yet, but ideas come to mind in fuzzy clouds of horror at the very concept:

“The George W. Bush Institute Of How Not to Govern.”

“The W. Institute of Discredited Thinkers.”

“The George W. Bush Institute of Failed Presidencies.”

My personal favorite so far:  “Irony Is Dead.  A GWB Think Tank.”

C’mon, give me some better ones.

…this time on the subject of Midnight Basketball.  I know, it seems like trivia, but midnight basketball isn’t the point.  The point is that the mainstream media has so much control over the discussion points in this country, and the spin that goes with them, they may as well be explicitly endorsing a candidate.

But no, they’re too smart for that.  They do it very quietly and subtly.  The Howler does not let them get away with it.  And kudos to Bob for pointing out the Democratic weak-shit complicity in the process he is objectively revealing.

Bush Plans Week of High-Stakes Diplomacy.”

Wouldn’t it be funny and appropriate for the other world leaders to tell Jr., “What difference do you make?  You got us into this shitstorm, and listening to you about how to get us out is the same as listening to Dr. Suess, only he’s smarter.”

Decades of decay, thanks to those Bush voters, version two.

…a.k.a. the F.U., a.ka., the “next six months (in Iraq) are critical.”

God, what an ass.  Will the F.U.’s ever stop coming?  Apparently not.

The F.U. has become so ingrained in the blogosphere’s lexicon that it is no longer linked to the evidence it represents.

Just trust me.  Thomas Friedman is a very smart man, and a very good writer, just not so smart about invading Iraq.

…since a tribute to beautiful women seems appropriate.

Thanks to Joan Severance, Danielle Llyod, Tea Leoni, Scarlett Johansson, Demi Moore, Halle Barry, Susan Sarandon, Helen Hunt, Barbara Boxer, Jane Hamsher, Amanda Marcotte, Selma Hayak, Nicole Voss, Tina Fey, Taylor Marsh, Christy Faller, Laura Shrout, Maureen Kalas, Lori Dell, Lisa Bulger, Angelina Jolie, Annette Bening, and so many others it makes my brain hurt for reminding me how many absolutely fabulous women there are in the world.

Some of them are even smart and sensible; all are beautiful to me in one way or another.  Many would make me want to kill myself after two weeks.  Still.

Sincere apologies to those whose names do not appear.  There are thousands left out, because I’m tired and ready to go to bed for Sat. Thanksgiving.

My Mom’s family, for whom I am fantastically thankful for, has always let the kids and adults do their in-law thing on Thursday, so we could all still get together on Saturday.  God bless my parents and brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews, for understanding that it isn’t the day that matters.

I am thankful for my friends, even those I have lost for one reason or another.  Many go by the wayside due to simple passage of time; others go for petty arguments and even simply geography.  Even the ones who are distant now fill my heart with joy, for they are still a patch in the quilt I call my life.

I am thankful for my boss, his children, his wife, and his extended family, for the joy and love they have showed me over the years, damn near 20 of ’em.  And my boss is one of the world’s great human beings, long before he became my boss.  Would that all the world be as loving and smart and strong and sensible as my friend Mike.

I am thankful for my colleagues, who represent all the wonderful differences that we all share.  But each and every one of them is adding a little slice of positive to the world.  My two immediate teammates are joys.  They are filled with love and respect and good humor and tolerance and there is no question in my mind how much better the planet is because of them.

God bless my best friends, who make me laugh, make me feel at home whenever I am with them, and are people I would gladly share an organ with if they needed it.  Being an old bachelor is at baseline tough, and they make it easy.  Themselves and their children and grandchildren bring joy to my life, and warmth to my soul.

I am thankful for my home, my pets, and my health.  I am a rich, rich man, and it is only barely that I am rich in any kind of material way. 

I am thankful to all the women who have loved me, even though I chose not to marry a single one.  Each of them taught me something, even many things, and each of them occupy a special place in my heart. 

I have so much to be thankful for.  I have golf buddies who make me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt, I have friends in all areas of the country whom I love with all my heart.  I have atheist friends, Catholic friends, Republican and Democrat and Independent friends.  I have friends who couldn’t care less about politics.  But not a one ignores the important things in the end.

I have blog-friends that I’ve never met.  TBogg, Jane, Digby, Atrios, Amanda, Kos, Glenn, John, and whoever the hell the Rude Pundit is and on and on (there are many, many more) give me hope that I’m not alone.  When one reads enough of another’s thoughts, one gets a good feeling for whom someone else is.  Your heart seeps out when you write for public distribution.  These are people I can count on, despite their anonymity.

I am thankful we have a leash on our nutty and incomptent and messianac President.

I am thankful for Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and anyone else who sees Media Man for who He is.

I am thankful for all those that fight The Man.

I am thankful for all the lovely women in my life, who make me forget that I am old and should no longer be enticed.

I am thankful that few people on the entire planet can call their own lives as “perfect” as I can.  I am blessed, and I am grateful, and I am loved and I love and that’s just the goddamn most important thing.

Happy Holidays to all.

John O

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